Yashasvi Jaiswal, The Hard-working Assassin Has Arrived

image-ls8rv0a6Yashasvi Jaiswal (X.com)

There’s only so much that a young talent who’s just beginning his international career can bring to the fore or bring to the middle, as they say.

Experience, it is reckoned and with much importance, is something the youth does need to carve a place for oneself. 

How Jaiswal is already proving to be an asset for India?

It’s the asset without which one can’t really bring intended results- despite possessing talent- to fruition. 

This can’t be truer for the annals of Indian cricket that are defined- and often, besieged- by rigorous competition.  

However, the logic doesn’t seem to hold true or, let us say; doesn’t apply to a certain Yashasvi Jaiswal. 

For Yashasvi Jaiswal, from what one has seen and noted so far, plays with the maturity and assuredness that one often notes in case of an experienced campaigner. 

His very recent exploits that actually exploited England as if they were a bunch of amateurs, serve a fine reminder.

Quality batting by a quality player 

They serve a fine reminder about the capable batsman’s ability to not only score runs but score them with an intent and calmness of an experienced pro. 

Jaiswal’s 209 wasn’t just a high quality inning or one that was laced with aggression or the right tempo.

 It was an inning to savour, one that’ll certainly be talked about for a long time and primarily for the impact it created in that it has kept India in the driver’s seat to win the second Test and draw level with England.

Yashasvi Jaiswal, for starters, utterly outscored the rest of the men who bated alongside him- these being captain Rohit Sharma, Shreyas Iyer and guys like Ravindra Jadeja. 

But more importantly, Jaiswal didn’t seem for once under pressure given the very fact that his maiden Test double ton came against an attack that featured a premier Test great, a champion of the order of James Anderson. 

Whether or not Jaiswal gets on another big score in the imminent future is not even the point of contention. 

The charisma at Vizag 

What certainly is, is that his grit and match awareness at such a young age (he’s all of 22) has made him a headlining material and effectively speaking, a game changing one, which is when he has several big names playing the very contest. 

They talk of batsmen having to convert a start into a big score. They also speak about batsmen showing intent. 

But we have amid us a young lad with a certain clarity of purpose and as seen at Vizag, a player who bats with freedom and sans fear. 

However, make no mistake. Making promising scores from the little that Jaiswal has played, and so far he’s not even played ten Test matches, hasn’t been too hard for him. 

Let it not be forgotten that in just his maiden assignment for Team India in the Caribbean, Yashasvi Jaiswal began with a bang

How Yashasvi trumped the Caribbean bowlers earlier 

In scoring a whopping 171 all on his own last year, he put his team on a commanding situation at Dominica. Jaiswal’s impact was clearly evident; the West Indies didn’t even manage a collective score of 160 in either inning at the Windsor Park. 

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s flair and game awareness combined with the natural hunger to score bellied his stay at the wicket. 

The hunger to score 

He was merely carrying on the same uncomplicated approach to batting that was richly evident in the IPL which is where he had carved a wonderful hundred in 2023 against Mumbai for RR playing at the very ground he once roamed about during his struggling days (wondering if he’d ever get to actually play in it in a competitive game): Wankhede. 

How the numbers stack up at present 

And where it stands at present, then Jaiswal is truly coming into his own. While it’s wonderful news for India that is ever hungry for introducing young and eager talents into top drawer cricket, it is not the best of developments for the world’s bowlers. 

Having said all of that, let us just marvel at the strikingly impressive numbers the avid youngster has amassed thus far. 

Great going for Yashasvi 

From 2 matches- 4 innings - he’s already scored 319 runs. 

Notably, he’s hit a century and a half century. 

He currently averages in excess of 100 and has a pretty compelling strike rate of 76.6 at this point in time. 

Thus far, during each of knocks of 80, which was at the Hyderabad Test and the 209 most recently that came of 290 deliveries, Yashasvi Jaiswal scored at strikingly good rates of 108 and 72, respectively. With the series still anything but in its decisive stage, Jaiswal, it’s not hard to fathom, has clearly gotten going.