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What Went Wrong For DC in IPL 2023?

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People might say that luck is a huge factor in any game, and that it can change the fate in mere moments. It can take you from rags to riches in just one second. However, that is, in my opinion only possible to a little extent. Ultimately, your luck wouldn't matter if you have played an entire tournament like the Delhi Capitals has. The team being the first to crash-out of the IPL 2023 season must have missed the hard-hitting Rishab Pant, who unfortunately severely injured himself in an accident back in December. 

The team might not be at the top spot on the IPL points table with the highest score, however they are at the top spot for being the most disappointing team this season.

Let us dive in and take a closer look at the reasons that led to the downfall of the David Warner-led side:

What went wrong for DC?

1) Axar Patel: The Lone Wolf That Dwindled At the Bottom Of the Ship

Axar Patel, the 'vice captain' of the team deserved so-much more respect than he got this season. DC failed to utilize Axar Patel's full potential  as they consistently held him back until the late stages of the innings, preventing him from making a significant impact. When the team management realised that they weren't making any improved performances they should have reviewed their strategies and promoted him to a higher in the batting order. Consequently, he faced fewer deliveries and was unable to showcase his abilities effectively.

Despite being regarded as one of DC's finest batsmen, the team failed to get the best out of him. DC's decision to restrict Patel's batting opportunities limited his impact on the game, especially considering his style of play, which is not predominantly aggressive.

2) David Warner: The Literal One Man Army

Due to the absence of any other dependable batsmen and the added burden of captaincy, the dynamic and aggressive Australian opener deviated from his usual playing style in contemporary cricket. 

Warner's strike-rate has been a concern in IPL 2023, with a disappointing rate of 119.57 in 14 matches. Despite being the leading run-scorer for Delhi Capitals in the tournament, accumulating 516 runs, Warner has failed to exhibit his natural game.

One might argue that he has been the backbone of the team's score reaching beyond the 100-run mark in every single game.

3) Absence of Rishabh Pant

The 2020 edition of IPL was the best season for the Delhi-based franchise. Although they didn't win the trophy, they secured the second spot and cruised to that position blissfully during the entire season.

However, DC's plans of winning this season were severely impacted by the absence of their regular captain, Rishabh Pant. Pant is a formidable player in the T20 format and also demonstrates excellent leadership skills. Unfortunately, he was sidelined from IPL 2023 due to a car accident in December 2022, leaving a significant void in the team.

Pant's absence particularly affected the wicket-keeper position, and the backup keepers for DC, Sarfaraz Khan and Abhishek Porel, failed to make a noteworthy impact. Their performances did not leave a lasting impression on the team, further highlighting the significance of Pant's absence.

4) Lack of Stablility

Their struggles become apparent once their top order collapses, as they seem to lack solid plans for the middle overs. The middle-order consistently falters, leading to their dismal performances.

A specific instance that highlights this issue is a game against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), where DC had a comfortable chase of 198 runs. They were in a decent position at 112-2, thanks to a partnership between David Warner and Phil Salt. However, once Salt was dismissed, DC's fortunes took a sudden turn for the worse, resembling a slip on a banana peel, and they ultimately lost the game. This incident emphasizes the team's vulnerability and lack of resilience in the middle-order.