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Muskaan ∙ Updated: May 22 2023, 12:13 PM | 2 Min Read

BCCI Bags BIG!! Adidas Becomes New Kit Sponsor For the Indian Cricket Team

image-lhygst3zJay Shah (Twitter)

BCCI secretary Jay Shah recently announced that the Indian cricket team has secured a new kit sponsorship deal with Adidas, a renowned German sporting goods multinational. This partnership will see Adidas taking over from Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd, the maker of Killer Jeans, which had temporarily filled the sponsorship role after MPL Sports withdrew from the agreement prematurely.

Killer Jeans, the current kit sponsor for the Indian cricket team, is set to conclude its contract on May 31. Following this, Adidas will take over as the new kit sponsor. Prior to Killer Jeans, MPL (Mobile Premier League) held the kit sponsorship but expressed its desire to terminate the contract that was originally scheduled to end in 2023. MPL paid the BCCI 6.5 lakh per match and 9 crores in royalties for a three-year deal.

In addition to the kit sponsorship, the BCCI is also in search of a new primary sponsor. Reports have emerged suggesting that the current sponsor, Byju's, is willing to end its contract before the November 2023 deadline. 

It is worth noting that India is hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup this year, scheduled for October-November. Consequently, fans may have the opportunity to witness the debut of India's fresh ODI kit during the World Cup.