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[Watch] 'What Kohli Hasn't Achieved?' - Mandhana's RCB Unwillingly Troll With WPL Glory

RCB Women won the second season of WPL (x.com)RCB Women won the second season of WPL (x.com)

Two weeks have passed since the Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) women's team secured their first title for the franchise, marking a significant milestone. However, during this time, there has been a surge of online trolling aimed at Virat Kohli and the men's team. 

Recently, a video went viral featuring Smriti Mandhana's RCB women seemingly poking fun at the men's team.

Watch: RCB women mocks men's team

In a viral video, Mandhana was engaged in a conversation with a group of anchors after the WPL final. During the discussion, Smriti remarked about Virat Kohli's achievements, questioning what more there was for him to accomplish. 

Shortly after, one of her RCB teammates intervened and abruptly took away the trophy, interrupting the conversation.

The WPL 2024 winning skipper and the anchors shared a moment of laughter when the trophy was whisked away just as Virat Kohli's name was mentioned. 

Some netizens perceive this incident as the RCB women's team playfully teasing or poking fun at the men's team who haven't won an IPL title.

RCB started slow at IPL 2024

At the same time RCB didn't kick off this season's IPL as strongly as they hoped. After three games, they suffered defeats against CSK and KKR but managed to secure a victory against Punjab Kings at home. 

Interestingly, RCB became the first team to lose a game at home after all the initial matches were won by the home teams.

 At the moment, RCBareis facing difficulties in maintaining a consistent level of performance in the league. They are striving to find a stable balance within their team, which is crucial for success in the IPL.