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[Watch] How Gambhir Inspired Narine To Open The Batting For KKR; Here's An Inspirational Story

Narine talks about how he opened for KKR at the first place [X]
Narine talks about how he opened for KKR at the first place [X]

Sunil Narine's path to becoming an opener in T20 cricket is truly fascinating. He credits his father for encouraging him to pursue batting alongside his bowling skills. KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) shared a touching video of how Narine transitioned to batting in the top order in T20 cricket, showcasing the significant impact of family support on his career journey.

Sunil Narine is a big name in franchise cricket, especially for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). He's considered one of KKR's top three players ever, and they've always stuck by him. KKR has a lot of faith in Narine, whether he's bowling or batting. 

Narine opens up how he became a batter

Narine opened up his story of transition to an allrounder from a bowler.

Narine didn't used to bat much in the beginning at KKR. But after a successful stint opening in the 2017 Big Bash League (BBL), KKR asked him if he could do the same for them. Narine, always keen to help the team, said yes, and that's how he started opening for KKR.

Gautam Gambhir always believed in Sunil Narine at Kolkata Knight Riders. Even though Narine wasn't known for batting, Gambhir let him open and gave him the freedom to play his way. 

Gambhir's only instruction to Narine was to get the team off to a good start. And that's what Narine has been doing ever since. Yesterday, against Royal Challengers Bangalore in his 500th T20 game, he did just that, proving Gambhir's trust right once again.

Role of Narine's father in his son's career

Sunil Narine opened up about his bond with his father and how he motivated him to become a better batsman. Narine's dad always encouraged him to focus on both batting and bowling. When Narine thought about quitting cricket, it was his father who believed in him and urged him to keep going. 

After his father passed away, Narine was determined to become a great batsman as a tribute to him. He spent two years working hard on his batting skills, and now, he's the Narine we admire, all for his dad.