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[WATCH] 'Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Me...,' - Ashwin Makes Makhaya Ntini Sing For CSK Fans

image-lr1oqdugRavi Ashwin and Makhaya Ntini (X.com)

The high-profile Test series between India and South Africa concluded earlier than anticipated owing to extreme pitch conditions at Cape Town. Nonetheless, the series resulted in a draw, and both teams walked away happily.

Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin, an Indian veteran spin wizard, had a hilarious encounter with former South African legend Makhaya Ntini.

Makhaya Ntini's impact on South African cricket, both as a player and a flag bearer for diversity, remains an integral part of the country's cricketing history. His contributions to the game, especially during an era of significant change in South African cricket, have left an enduring legacy.

That being said, the former cricketer met Ashwin on the sidelines as the duo exchanged pleasantries. As the conversation concluded, the Indian spinner urged Ntini to address the CSK fans in his own style.

Makhaya Ntini Meets Ravi Ashwin!

However, in a sudden change of events, Makhaya started singing an Indian song with his hilarious accent, which left Ashwin in splits. Ashwin, known for his witty banter and jovial nature, couldn't control his laughter as Ntini finished his verse.

Regardless, Ravi Ashwin applauded Makhaya's sweet gesture and thanked him for his time. Indeed, the light-hearted conversation was captured by the fans and is currently being widely shared on the internet.

Foreign cricketers' love for India has been seamless. Irrespective of the diverse cultural backgrounds and language barriers, overseas cricketers somehow find a way to form a bond with Indian fans on the grounds of mutual love for the sport. Makhaya Ntini's connection with Indian cricket fans serves as a perennial example of that narrative.

India is a sporting nation with a love for cricket that sees no bounds. The fans here never fail to appreciate and shower love on those posing as great ambassadors and entertainers of the game. It's the fans' appreciation that led the Indian cricket team to stardom in the country.