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[Watch] Virat Kohli Shares What Hearing National Anthem During Major Events Does To Him

Virat Kohli during 2023 ODI World Cup (X)Virat Kohli during 2023 ODI World Cup (X)

India's pride, Virat Kohli, shared that he feels highly motivated when the national anthem plays before a game.

Representing the country on an international level is the greatest honour for any athlete in any sport. When the entire stadium joins the players in singing the national anthem, it instills immense pride in them. 

India are playing their first game in the T20 World Cup against Ireland on Wednesday, and the official broad released a video where Virat Kohli shared his feelings about listening to the national anthem before each game.

Watch: Kohli talking about National Anthem

While talking about the importance of a National Anthem being played before any big match, Kohli said it gives him sense of unity and united energy in one place. The 2011 World Cup was Virat Kohli's first ICC tournament, and it marked the first time he experienced the national anthem being sung in a stadium.

"Whenever the National Anthem has been sung, especially in big tournaments, 2011 World Cup for me was the first exposure to it and when I experienced that atmosphere, I have never felt that sense of unity, united energy in one place ever. The force of it was something I have never experienced in my life. It gave me Goosebumps all over because everyone is singing and everyone is just focused on one goal that India has to win," Virat Kohli said. 

The 2011 World Cup ended well for Virat Kohli. He played a fine innings in the final, helping India win the game and the trophy. Kohli famously carried Sachin Tendulkar on his shoulders after the victory. Since then, India has not won a World Cup in either the ODI or T20I formats.

This time, Virat Kohli is determined to win the title. He enters the World Cup in excellent form, having scored 741 runs in the IPL. 

On Wednesday, at 7:52 IST, India's national anthem will be played, and Kohli will be ready for what is likely his last T20 World Cup, eager to secure a win.