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[Watch] Ishan Kishan Perfectly Mimic Virat Kohli's Walk; Virat's Epic Comeback

image-lmodh0xuIshan Kishan Doing A Virat Walk [Twitter]

The Indian cricket team's stellar performance in the 2023 Asia Cup has sent waves of excitement through the cricketing world, paving the way for a highly anticipated three-match ODI series against Australia. India's victory in Sri Lanka not only brought home the coveted trophy but also showcased the camaraderie and spirit within the team, with a humorous moment featuring Ishan Kishan and Virat Kohli going viral on social media.

The 2023 Asia Cup final witnessed a dominant performance from the Indian cricket team as they secured a historic ten-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in Colombo. This remarkable win showcased the team's prowess and their ability to perform under pressure. However, it was the post-match celebrations that truly endeared the Indian cricket team to fans worldwide.

A video from the victory celebrations captured a spontaneous and delightful moment between Ishan Kishan and Virat Kohli. Kishan, known for his exuberant personality, humorously mimicked Virat Kohli's iconic walk on the cricket ground. What followed was a heartwarming exchange of gestures as Kohli, in high spirits, playfully returned the favour by mimicking Kishan's walk. 

The entire team, including the support staff, burst into laughter, creating an unforgettable moment that epitomized the unity and camaraderie within the squad.

Watch Ishan Kishan emulating Virat Kohli's walk

With the Asia Cup triumph behind them, the Indian cricket team is now focused on the upcoming ODI series against Australia. This series promises to be a stern test of their skills, as they face a formidable Australian side known for their aggressive play and depth in both batting and bowling.