Shivani Shukla ∙ Aug 24 2023, 5:00 PM | 2 Min Read

'Pretty Special..'- David Warner Congratulates India For Successful Moon Mission

image-llp1904rDavid Warner congratulated India on Chandrayaan 3 | Source: Twitter 

India, on Wednesday (August 23), became part of an elite space club when its moon mission Chandrayaan-3 met success as the Vikram Lander successfully landed on the lunar surface. 

India has now become the first nation to land near the South Pole of the moon, a region of great intrigue since traces of water were discovered there.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) marked the event by sharing a tweet on X (previously known as Twitter) at 6.04 p.m., precisely when the Vikram lander contacted the Moon's South Pole. In the tweet, ISRO extended its congratulations to the nation for the mission's success. 

Amidst the global outpouring of well-wishes to ISRO and India for their successful mission, Australian cricketer David Warner has added his name to the list, extending his congratulations to India and ISRO for the mission's success. Warner took to Instagram and wrote: 

“Pretty special this, well done India 👌🏻” 

Earlier, the Indian cricket team also celebrated the successful soft-landing of Chandrayaan 3. In a video shared by the BCCI, Jasprit Bumrah & Co. were seen glued to a TV set at The Village cricket ground in Dublin while clapping for the success of the historic mission.

Chandrayaan-3's successful mission stands as a vivid illustration of the rewards reaped from resolute commitment and continuous hard work. It serves as a guiding hope, portraying how perseverance can yield victory, even when faced with challenges similar to the setback experienced by Chandrayaan-2 in 2019.