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IPL Hero Rashid Khan Threatens To Opt Out BBL, Issues Warning to Cricket Australia

Rashid Khan currently is playing IPL in Gujarat Titans (AP Photo)Rashid Khan currently is playing IPL in Gujarat Titans (AP Photo)

While making waves in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Afghan all-rounder Rashid Khan ponders over his potential involvement in the upcoming Big Bash League (BBL) drafts. 

The postponement of the three-match T20 series between Australia and Afghanistan, originally scheduled for August, has led to frustration. The series has been delayed indefinitely.

Cricket Australia (CA) confirmed that the reason for the postponement was intervention from the Australian Government. They cited concerns over the deterioration of human rights, particularly for women and children, in Afghanistan. Rashid Khan reportedly expressed being hurt by this decision.

"It does hurt you. You do want to play against the best teams and that's where your cricket is going to improve more and more. You only get the opportunity playing against them [Australia] in the World Cups, but not in bilateral series," Rashid Khan said. 

Rashid Khan believed that playing against a top side like Australia would have contributed significantly to the growth of cricket in Afghanistan.

Rashid Khan cited the example of Afghanistan playing against India in India. He highlighted how well the Afghan team performed during that series, nearly chasing down a target. According to Rashid Khan, this boosted the confidence of the Afghan team significantly.

In response to Australia's decision, Rashid Khan expressed his opposition by stating that he would not be participating in the Australian domestic T20 league, the BBL.

"You don't want to play with my colleagues and you want to play with me. So what's the difference? It means I'm putting my colleagues down as well. My country down as well," Rashid Khan said. 

With Rashid Khan being considered one of the top franchise cricket bowlers globally, the cricket world is eager to see how Cricket Australia will respond to his decision.