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India's 1983 WC-Winning Hero Stuns Ex-West Bengal BJP President In Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Kirti Azad won Lok Sabha Elections in West Bengal (x.com)Kirti Azad won Lok Sabha Elections in West Bengal (x.com)

Among many superstars who played pivotal roles for India in their famous 1983 ODI World Cup triumph, Kirti Azad played his bit as well. The all-rounder contested for 2024 India elections in the West Bengal while representing All India Trinamool Congress (AITC).

And guess what, his opposition was a heavyweight, former BJP President of the state Dilip Ghosh. Dilip is one of the most senior political leaders from the party, and they were face-to-face in Bardhaman-Durgapur consistency.

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At this point, Kirti Azad is on the cusp of a resounding victory, having taken a lead of over 1.37 lakh votes. After that, Azad made a comment where he talked about his vision, as well as expressing his emotions after the famous win in 1983.

"Both the victories are different. Back then, it was for the pride of the country. People wanted the India cricket team to win in 1983. But here, I must work for the people and win their hearts. It is two different worlds. The first was a game of cricket on the ground, and now, it is work on the ground that needs to be done," Azad told ABP Ananda lately.

As of now, Dilip has taken over 5.6 lakh votes, while Kirti, as of now, has got well over 7 lakh votes.