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India Face Severe Backlash, Multiple Teams File Complaints To ICC; Here's The Reason

Team India in action (x)Team India in action (x)

The T20 World Cup has just begun, but it's already mired in controversy. Reports from Newswire.ik indicate that Sri Lanka, Ireland, and South Africa have encountered significant travel issues as they moved from Florida to New York for their matches. 

These logistical problems have caused considerable frustration among the teams, who are holding the ICC accountable for the mishap.

SL, Ireland and SA Face Logistical Challenges 

Team India is getting a high level of facilities as their team hotel is minutes away from their training ground and the Nassau County International Stadium, where they will play their three matches in the T20 World Cup.

On the other hand, in a warm-up match in Florida, both Sri Lanka and Ireland's cricket teams experienced significant delays in their travel arrangements, leading to a series of logistical challenges. 

After enduring extreme sun conditions during the match, the teams faced an over seven-hour wait for their charter flights, without updates from the ICC. They were scheduled to arrive in New York by 8 PM on Friday but did not reach until 5 AM the following day.

This delay had tangible repercussions, particularly for Team Sri Lanka, as they had to cancel their practice session ahead of their first match of the marquee tournament. This lost session was seen as critical preparation time ahead of their opening match against South Africa on June 3. 

This was not the only issue faced by the Lankan team their hotel which is 1.5 hours away from the practice ground, further impacted their chances for practice sessions. 

According to some reports, Sri Lanka, Ireland and South Africa have filed complaints to the ICC, regarding the same.