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England all-rounder, Ben Stokes leads a relatively private life, but one aspect that has been public is his relationship with his wife, Clare Ratcliffe. The couple has been together since long before Stokes became a household name in cricket. Clare has been a constant presence in Stokes' life, offering support through various ups and downs of his career.

Clare Ratcliffe, while maintaining a low profile, has been seen supporting her husband at various cricketing events. Her role in Stokes' life goes beyond just being his wife; she has been his pillar of strength, especially during challenging times such as the Bristol nightclub incident in 2017 and the subsequent legal proceedings. Her support was instrumental in helping Stokes overcome these challenges and continue his journey as one of the world's leading cricketers. Here’s a detailed look at Ben Stokes Wife, Clare Ratcliffe.

Who is Ben Stokes Wife, Clare Ratcliffe?

Clare Ratcliffe is a primary school teacher by profession. Born and raised in Somerset, Clare has been a bedrock of support in Stokes' life, both in his personal and professional spheres. The couple, who have been together since 2010, share a deep bond that has seen them through various highs and lows of Stokes' cricketing career.

Known for her humorous self-description as a "cricket widow," Clare maintains a light-hearted approach to the demands and travel commitments that come with being married to an international sports star. Her role as a mother to their two children, whom she affectionately refers to as "two monsters," adds another dimension to her life, balancing her professional duties with the responsibilities of parenthood.

Clare and Ben's relationship took a significant step forward in 2013, a period marked by both joy and sorrow. Following the passing of Clare's father, Arthur, the couple decided to solidify their bond and got engaged. This decision was proof of their strong relationship, capable of withstanding life's unpredictable challenges. The engagement was joyously announced in their local Somerset newspaper, sharing their happiness with the community.

Ben Stokes Love Story With His Wife

The love story of Stokes and his wife Clare is a heartening tale of connection, blossoming over shared experiences and the distances of a professional athlete's life. Their first encounter occurred in August 2010, during a cricket match between Lancashire and Durham at Old Trafford. At this time, Stokes was in the early stages of his burgeoning cricket career, a promising talent on the field. It was in this cricketing backdrop that their paths crossed, laying the foundation for what would become a significant relationship in both their lives.

Clare, intrigued by the young cricketer, reached out to him by sending a friend request on Facebook. This modern-day gesture of interest was the spark that initiated their interaction, leading to a growing connection between them. As their relationship developed, Stokes included Clare in his cricketing world. He took her to some of his games, offering her insights into cricket. This not only deepened their bond but also helped Clare understand and appreciate the sport that was an integral part of Ben's life.

However, their relationship was not without its challenges. In the initial stages, they maintained a long-distance relationship, going through the complexities that come with such circumstances. Ben was based in Durham due to his cricket commitments, while Clare was pursuing her studies in Taunton. Despite the physical distance, their relationship flourished. After five months of getting to know each other and strengthening their connection, they decided to make their relationship official, marking it on Facebook.

When Did Ben Stokes Get Married To His Wife?

Stokes took a significant step in his personal life by marrying his long-time partner, Clare, in 2017. Their relationship, which blossomed since they started dating in 2010, culminated in a beautiful wedding on October 14, 2017. The ceremony was held at St Mary the Virgin church located in East Brent, near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

The wedding was a high-profile event, notably attended by a who's who of the cricketing world. Among the guests were Stokes' teammates and close friends from the cricket fraternity, including Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, and Alastair Cook. Adding to the illustrious guest list were former cricketing legends Ian Bell and Paul Collingwood, all coming together to celebrate this joyous occasion.

It is worth mentioning that before their marriage, Ben and Clare were in a live-in relationship. The couple's journey to matrimony took a poignant turn following a tragic event. In 2013, Clare suffered the loss of her father, Arthur Ratcliffe. 

This event deeply affected them, and in the wake of this loss, Stokes proposed to Clare. The engagement marked a new chapter in their lives, bringing them closer and strengthening their commitment to one another. They were engaged for four years, a period during which they continued to grow as a couple and as a family, before exchanging their vows in 2017.

Does Ben Stokes Have Children?

Ben and Clare Stokes are blessed with two children, a son and a daughter, who have brought immense joy and fulfillment to their lives. Their first child, a son named Layton, was born in 2012. Layton's arrival was a significant moment for the couple, marking their transition into parenthood and adding a new layer of depth to their relationship.

In 2014, the Stokes family welcomed another member, a delightful daughter named Libby. The birth of Libby further enriched the family dynamic, bringing additional happiness and warmth to their household.

Together, Ben and Clare have navigated the joys and challenges of parenting, balancing their professional commitments with their responsibilities as parents. Additionally, the Stokes family includes two dogs, Shelby and Sampson, who are also cherished members of their household.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ben Stokes Wife

Q.1. Who is Ben Stokes' wife?

Answer: Clare Ratcliffe is the wife of Ben Stokes. She is a primary school teacher by profession and has been a significant figure in Stokes' life, offering him support throughout his cricketing career.

Q.2. How did Ben Stokes and Clare Ratcliffe meet?

Answer: Ben Stokes and Clare Ratcliffe met in 2010 during a cricket match between Lancashire and Durham at Old Trafford. They started their relationship after Clare sent Ben a friend request on Facebook.

Q.3. When did Ben Stokes and Clare Ratcliffe get married?

Answer: Ben Stokes and Clare Ratcliffe got married on October 14, 2017. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony at the church of St Mary the Virgin in East Brent, near Somerset.

Q.4. Do Ben Stokes and Clare Ratcliffe have children?

Answer: Yes, the couple has two children. Their son, Layton Stokes, was born in 2012, and their daughter, Libby Stokes, was born in 2014.

Q.5. Are there any pets in Ben Stokes family?

Answer: Yes, the Stokes family has two dogs named Shelby and Sampson. They are often featured on Ben and Clare's social media accounts and are beloved members of the family.