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'They Are Not Extraordinary...': Oman Captain 'Fires Warning' To Australia Ahead Of T20 WC Clash

Oman fires warning to Australian team [X]
Oman fires warning to Australian team [X]

Oman's captain, Aqib Ilyas, is confident his team can create an upset in their T20 World Cup match against Australia at Kensington Oval, Barbados.

 Ilyas, a cancer survivor, believes the Australians are vulnerable against spin and too focused on hitting sixes. He sees the unpredictable weather and worn pitch as factors that could work in Oman's favor.

Ilyas Believes Spin And Weather Can Upset Australia

While showing respect for Australia's "mindset" and their history of performing at major events, Aqib Ilyas emphasized the importance of treating this match like any other. He stressed that his team should not be intimidated by the big names on the Australian roster.

"Once you step into the field, there is no big name, there is no one bigger than you at the field," he stated. "It's another game for us, and we don't think that we are going to play someone extraordinary."

Ilyas highlighted the need for Oman to focus on their game and not be overwhelmed by the opposition.

Oman has already played a low-scoring game at Kensington Oval against Namibia, losing in a Super Over. Ilyas believes this experience on the slow, turning pitch will be advantageous against Australia.

He pointed out that Australia's current lineup lacks many players with strong techniques against spin, saying, "They look to hit big. Everyone tries to go for sixes but every day it is not the same day and if the same wicket is there, maybe it can be a problem for them."

The match on June 6 marks the first time Oman and Australia will face each other. Australia's Ashton Agar noted that there is now more footage available of Associate teams, which could help Australia prepare for the unknowns of playing against Oman.