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'The Two Reasons...': LSG Star Mayank Yadav's Mother Reveals The 'Big' Secret Behind His Pace

Mayank Yadav's stellar back to back performances have left everyone awestruck (AP)
Mayank Yadav's stellar back to back performances have left everyone awestruck (AP)

Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) pacer Mayank Yadav has been leaving fans awestruck with his fiery bowling in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. Clocking speeds over 150 kmph, Yadav's deliveries have been instrumental in securing victories for Lucknow. It has left fans wondering-what is the secret fueling his rapid pace?

In a recent revelation during an interview with AajTak, Mayank's mother, Mamta Yadav, disclosed a surprising aspect of her son's lifestyle that could be contributing to his success on the cricket field. 

Here's what she said:

"Mayank has just turned vegetarian. Earlier, he used to eat non-veg food. He has been eating vegetarian food for the last 2 years. Whatever he has been asking us to make, based on his diet chart, we would make for him. He wouldn't eat anything special, dal, roti, rice, milk, veggies, etc.

He said that non-veg food wasn't suiting his body much. He told us about two reasons. First was he started to believe in Lord Krishna, that could be one of the reasons too. We didn't force him to reveal why he quit non-veg food. He said whatever I was doing, was good for his game and his body," she disclosed.

Despite the shift in diet, Mamta expressed hope of witnessing her son represent India on the international stage soon. With pundits tipping Mayank for a swift entry into the national team, his impressive performances in the IPL have fueled anticipation, with many eyeing his potential debut in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024. 

Mayank Yadav's journey from non-veg to vegetarianism might just be the 'big secret' behind his explosive pace, propelling him towards cricketing stardom.