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'Ishant Bhai Told Me'...: Mayank Yadav Reveals After Delivering Fastest Bowl Of IPL 2024

LSGs's pacer Mayank Yadav [ap photos]LSGs's pacer Mayank Yadav [ap photos]

Mayank Yadav, the young pace sensation making waves in the IPL 2024, credits his early success to a piece of advice from his senior, Ishant Sharma. In a recent interview with 'Jio Cinema,' Yadav revealed Sharma's counsel to never compromise on speed, even when striving to develop other skills.

In a league where fast bowlers are often encouraged to sacrifice pace for increased variations, Mayank Yadav's commitment to maintaining his speed has set him apart. 

His delivery clocked at 156.7 kmph against Royal Challengers Bengaluru stands testament to his adherence to this advice. Yadav expressed gratitude towards Sharma and another senior pacer, Navdeep Saini, for their guidance. 

Here's what LSG's pacer said:

"All the bowlers I spoke to in Delhi, Ishant bhai and Saini bhai, they all told me that even if I wanted to try anything new, I should play around my speed.

While Yadav acknowledges the importance of taking wickets for his team, his primary focus remains on maintaining his pace throughout each delivery. 

"After a match, I always ask people what the highest speed was but during the match, I am only focused on my bowling,"  he further added.

Despite the accolades he's received for his performances, Yadav remains grounded, always striving to contribute to his team's success. His recent impressive figures of 3/14 against RCB highlight his potential as a match-winner.

Yadav's journey from being picked at his base price in the 2022 IPL auction to becoming a rising star in the league underscores the impact of sound advice and dedication.