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'Indian Food The Reason...'- Shepherd Reveals His 'Secret Power' After DC Thrashing

Shepherd After Match-Winning Performance Vs DC [x.com]Shepherd After Match-Winning Performance Vs DC [x.com]

Romario Shepherd's explosive performance in the IPL 2024 clash between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals left cricket enthusiasts awestruck. With a scintillating display of power-hitting, Shepherd propelled his team to a commanding victory, leaving spectators marveling at his prowess with the bat.

In the post-match interview, Shepherd attributed his exceptional performance to his dedication and the advice of his team's leaders. He emphasised the importance of expressing oneself freely on the field, a sentiment echoed by his coach and captain. 

Romario Shepherd's clarity of mind and focus on each delivery allowed him to capitalize on the opportunities presented to him, ultimately culminating in a match-winning innings.

Shepherd After Match-Winning Performance Vs DC

"My hard-work has paid off. The coach and the captain told me to express myself.  (Batting strategy for death overs) All you got to do is keep yours eyes on the ball. Can't be tentative. Take it ball-by-ball. Having a clear mind helps. " 

"I was in a good position to capitalize on the deliveries thrown at me. Indian food the reason behind my power (chuckles)." he remarked. 

Despite the valiant efforts of Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians' imposing total proved insurmountable. Shepherd's contribution, coupled with solid performances from his teammates, ensured Mumbai Indians emerged victorious.

The match also highlighted the challenges faced by Delhi Capitals in their pursuit of the daunting target set by Mumbai Indians. While individual performances showed promise, the team ultimately fell short in their chase, unable to find the consistency required to overhaul the formidable total.