Vishal Mehra ∙ Jun 6 2023, 2:30 PM | 2 Min Read

'I Think India as ...': Nasser Hussain Pips Rohit Sharma and Co. as Favourites For WTC Final

image-lijt3qxuIndia beat Australia in BGT 2023 2-1 [Source: Twitter]

The ICC World Test Championship (WTC) Final 2023 is upon us, as both India and Australia gear up to battle it out in the field for the coveted Test mace on Wednesday at The Oval, a venue where both teams don't enjoy much success. However, India did manage to beat England in their last outing in 2021, a feat Australia last achieved in 2015.

Former England captain Nasser Hussain has piped India ahead of Australia to win the WTC Final 2023, but has a catch attached to it. Speaking to ICC Review, Hussain explained India needed to learn from their past mistakes, and play a bold XI based on conditions in London if need be.

India were guilty of playing two front-line spinners in WTC Final 2021 against New Zealand under overcast conditions, which cost them the match at The Lord's. 

Here's what Hussain said

“I think India, as they showed in Australia, can win in any conditions. It helps with the balance of their side if the weather is good and if the sun shines at The Oval, that they can go with their formula of two spinners, two seamers, and have (Shardul) Thakur as your third seamer.

If you look back at the last World Test Championship, I think India read the conditions wrong. The lights were on all five days, it was grey, it was miserable, it was cold. New Zealand didn't play a front-line spinner. India played two, and I think seam dominated, swing dominated.

The cricketer-turned-commentator did state that Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin add depth to India's batting, but maintained that if conditions don't permit, Team India should not be fearful of leaving one of their best spinners out of the XI.

"I would really look at those conditions the day before and on that first morning and not be wary of leaving one of your legends out if conditions demand that. But great bowlers are usually great bowlers in all conditions.”

The weather for the WTC Final looks fine for most days, with chances of rain only on the first day.