Arjun Bhalla ∙ Updated: May 24 2023, 11:36 PM | 3 Min Read

What If Rinku Singh Won't Have Hit Those Five Sixes, Would He Have Become A Cult?

image-li05tw3hRinku Singh became a household name in IPL 2023 (AP Photo)

Suddenly in IPL 2023, Rinku Singh became an inspiration to everyone coming from a humble Indian household. Suddenly, Rinku became the epitome of dreams coming true. Rinku gave all of us the hope to think big. Five successive sixes in an IPL tie against the defending champions, and bang Rinku became a hero. But was it that sudden?

In this season of the Indian Premier League, the Kolkata batter amassed 474 runs at an average of 59.25 and a strike rate of 149.53, including as many as four half-centuries and three forty-plus scores. But haven't we seen players having such IPL seasons and still go unrecognised? 

Don't you agree with that?

Let me throw up some names for you.

Suryakumar Yadav (until 2022), Paul Valthaty, Swapnil Asnodkar, Tirumalasetti Suman, Manvinder Bisla, et al.

Just like in 2023, Rinku also played a breathtaking knock against Lucknow, where his 15-ball 40 almost pulled a heist at DY Patil Sports Academy. But again, it went unrecognised.

Even in the ongoing IPL, the Uttar Pradesh lad played a couple of such knocks, which could go unrecognised. However, his five consecutive maximums off Gujarat Titans in Ahmedabad removed that unrecognising filter off Rinku, as the whole world got to know what he is made up from.

He might have hit a lesser-known bowler, i.e. Yash Dayal, but the world wanted to know who is heck Rinku Singh is. Where does he come from? His domestic team, his Vijay Hazare numbers and whatnot?

After that incident, Rinku became an overnight KKR legend. And he followed five sixers with some equally brilliant innings, strengthening his case. His side may have struggled in the competition, but Rinku, oh boy, was like Lionel Messi during the 2018 World Cup.

And it wasn't like he scored his silently; instead, his runs put Kolkata on the map this year. 

His performance was so flattering that even Ravi Shastri and Harbhajan Singh endorsed the southpaw to earn the Blue India shirt as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, his consistent performances also made a statement, stating he can be the man who won't crumble under pressure. And he can be a perfect fit if the Indian team management is thinking of rejigging the whole T20I setup.

And like his skipper, Nitish Rana stated, what Rinku earned is so special; he turned the Kolkata crowd to scream his name over Andre Russell or Sunil Narine.

But would the five sixes be enough to get the Indian shirt? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure it will put weightage on his case as Rinku Singh could not go unrecognised now.