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Top 5 Bowlers Dismissing Virat Kohli Most Times In International Cricket

image-lma7zwzyJames Anderson has dismissed Virat Kohli 10 times [X.com]

One of the most prolific run-getters, former India captain Virat Kohli, needs no introduction. However, for the uninitiated, the 34-year-old has scaled batting heights, which for many remains unimaginable.

Apart from his unmatched fitness and cricketing acumen, Kohli's run-making spree has been lauded by current and former players. Since 2008, Kohli has amassed 25,586 runs in 503 international matches — 111 Tests, 277 ODIs, and 115 T20Is — with 76 hundreds and 131 fifties. 

The technically sound batter has scored runs across varied conditions and dominated attacks of all kinds, which is a testament to his class and talent. Despite the laurels, it is not that Kohli does not have his demons, and he has time and again been challenged by bowlers, who have had his number on multiple occasions.

In this article, we list down the Top 5 bowlers in international cricket who have dismissed the star batter the most number of times. 

 James Anderson (10)

image-lmaavjlyJames Anderson displays joy over Virat Kohli's dimissal [X.com]

One of the biggest rivalries in Test cricket, James Anderson and Virat Kohli's tussle has been the most engaging for fans. The rivalry began in 2014, when Anderson dismissed Kohli four times during India's Test tour of England, forcing the Indian batter to rethink and come back stronger in the 2018 season. 

The 2021 tour, however, saw Anderson dominate Kohli with his swing bowling, getting the better of the star player five times. In 681 balls, Kohli has been dismissed seven times and scored 297 runs against Anderson in Tests.

In ODIs, with a smaller sample size, the former India captain has scored 26 runs and been out three times to England's leading pacer. 

Moeen Ali (10)

image-lmaavco7Moeen Ali cleans up Virat Kohli [X.com]

Off-late Kohli's problems against spin bowling have been quite glaring. England's off-spinner Moeen Ali is one such bowler who has been a thorn in Kohli's advancement. Ali first dismissed Kohli in 2014 during India's tour of England and has since been a constant problem for the batting maverick. 

Ali has found the better of Kohli across formats, having taken his wickets three times in ODIs, six in Tests, and once in T20Is, while the latter has scored 306 runs facing 518 balls. 

Interestingly, Kohli has been dismissed by Ali at least one time whenever India and England have faced off after 2014. 

Tim Southee (10)

image-lmaavxa8Tim Southee ecstatic after Virat Kohli's wicket [X.com]

In a duel that began in Under19 cricket, both Tim Southee and Kohli have immense respect for each other off the field, however, once they cross the boundary line, a battle of skills and mental ability starts. 

Known for exploiting the cricket ball to perfection, Southee often makes it dance to his tunes across formats. Kohli, who is known to be susceptible to the moving delivery, has been Southee's victim several times. Overall, the former RCB pacer has dismissed Kohli 10 times in international cricket, three times in Tests, six times in ODIs, and one in T20Is. 

Meanwhile, the Indian batter has scored 128 runs in red-ball and 205 runs in white-ball formats against the lanky pacer.

Adil Rashid (9)

image-lmaawmjuAdil Rashid gets Virat Kohli's wicket [X.com]

Kohli's hardships against spinners have been on the rise, and one of the main contributing factors to this trend is England's Adil Rashid. Rashid is known for bowling deceptive and aggressive lines, which focus on inviting the batter to score big runs while mixing his variations in between. 

Overall, the leg-spinner has gotten the better of Kohli nine times across formats— four in Tests, three in ODIs, and twice in T20Is. On the other hand, Kohli has managed to score 289, 108, and 63 runs in Test, ODI, and T20I formats while maintaining an excellent average in red-ball of 72.2. 

Ben Stokes (9)

image-lmaawu2zBen Stokes appeals against Kohli [X.com]

Kohli's trials and tribulations against England bowlers continue, as Test skipper Ben Stokes caps off the Top 5 list. Stokes is neither extreme pace nor moves the ball both ways, but is effective in conditions that assist a bit of reverse swing. 

Kohli, who is mainly an attacking batter, looks to charge against run-of-the-mill bowlers and perishes, which Stokes has been advantageous off.  The famed all-rounder has made Kohli his bunny nine times on the international stage, dismissing the batter six times in Tests and three in ODIs. 

Dismissals (overall)
James Anderson1073-
Moeen Ali10361
Tim Southee10361
Adil Rashid9432
Ben Stokes963-