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Top 10 Australian Fast Bowlers of All Time

image-lifyg9keBret Lee (Twitter)

Cricket holds a cherished place within the cultural fabric of Australia, and throughout the nation's cricketing history, an array of exceptional bowlers has emerged who have left a lasting mark on the sport. The Australian cricketing legacy is defined by a lineage of extraordinary bowling talent. 

From Brett Lee's stunning speed to the metronomic accuracy of Glenn McGrath, these bowlers have transcended the sport, becoming icons in their own right. Their impressive records, coupled with their brilliant performances, have elevated them to legendary status. All these stalwarts have played pivotal roles in Australia's success in international cricket, contributing significantly to their team's victories.

These fast bowlers’ careers have inspired future generations of Australian cricketers, nurturing a proud tradition of formidable pacers who continue to make their mark on the international stage.

In this listicle, we take a look at the careers of the top 10 Australian pacers of all time:

1. Glenn McGrath

image-lifyvqm0Glenn McGrath (Twitter)

Known for his accuracy and relentless line and length, Glenn McGrath was the backbone of the Australian bowling attack for over a decade. From his debut in 1993 to his retirement in 2007, the Aussie veteran was a consistent force to be reckoned with. 

McGrath's extraordinary record of 563 Test wickets in 124 matches at an average of 21.64, and 381 ODI wickets in 250 matches, explains why he occupies the top spot in the list.

2. Brett Lee

image-lifyws6rBrett Lee (ICC Twitter)

Brett Lee, who was famous for his blistering pace and hostile bowling, was one of the fastest bowlers Australia has ever produced. In Test cricket, Lee claimed 310 wickets in 76 matches at an average of 30.82, and in ODIs, he was equally destructive, capturing 380 wickets in 221 matches. 

His remarkable statistics and the fear he instilled in batsmen with his express pace highlight his impact and establish him as one of Australia's best fast bowlers.

3. Mitchell Starc

image-lifyxp9eMitchell Starc is gearing up for WTC final 2023

Mitchell Starc is one of the best left-arm fast pacers in the world currently and is also a vital component of the Australian team. His aggressive style of bowling which includes express pace, swing, and lethal yorkers has consistently troubled batsmen. In Tests, Starc has claimed 306 wickets in 77 matches at an average of 27.52 whereas in ODIs, he has been equally formidable with 219 scalps in 110 games. 

Starc has another opportunity to add a few more wickets to his tally as he gears up to take on Indian in the upcoming World Test Championship (WTC) final against India at The Oval in London starting June 7.

4. Mitchell Johnson

image-lifyza2jMitchell Johnson (ICC Twitter)

Mitchell Johnson's menacing pace and ability to generate swing made him a force to be reckoned with. In Test matches, Johnson claimed 313 wickets in 73 matches at an average of 28.41, while in ODIs, he captured 239 wickets in 153 matches. Johnson's devastating spells, especially during the 2013-2014 Ashes series, will always be remembered.

5. Dennis Lillee

image-lifz0aesDennis Lillee (ICC Twitter)

Dennis Lillee was the epitome of fast-bowling aggression and skill. His raw pace, exceptional control, and swing made him a feared opponent for any batsman. Lillee finished his Test career with 355 wickets in 70 matches at an average of 23.92 and took 103 wickets in just 63 ODIs.

6. Craig McDermott

image-lifz280hCraig McDermott (

Craig McDermott, a prominent figure in Australian cricket during the late 1980s and early 1990s, showcased his talent as a formidable fast bowler. From his debut in 1984 to his retirement in 1996, McDermott made a significant impact. In Test matches, he took 291 wickets in 71 matches at an average of 28.63. His skill in swinging the ball and generating pace made him a potent force against opposing batsmen. In ODIs, McDermott claimed 203 wickets in 138 matches at an average of 24.71.

7. Jason Gillespie

image-lifz3gj0Jason Gillespie (ICC Twitter)

Jason Gillespie, a tall and imposing fast bowler, formed a formidable partnership with Glenn McGrath as the lethal duo gave batsman nightmares with the pace bowling. Gillespie took 259 wickets in 71 Test matches at an average of 26.14. In ODIs, the lanky speedster bagged 142 scalps in 97 games. Gillespie was particularly renowned for his devastating spells on the bouncy tracks of Australia.

8. Pat Cummins

image-lifz4j8sPat Cummins will lead Australia in the WTC final and The Ashes 2023

One of the premier fast bowlers in world cricket, Pat Cummins has had a stellar career since making his international debut in 2011. The 30-year-old is currently the captain of the Australian Test team and has led from the front. In Test cricket, the World No. 3 bowler has taken 217 wickets in 49 matches at an impressive average of 21.51 whereas in limited-overs cricket, he has also been effective, with 124 wickets in 75 ODIs and 55 wickets in 50 T20Is. The Aussie captain has two massive assignments lined up in the near future with the WTC final and The Ashes 2023 and his performance will be crucial in determining Australia’s success in the two marquee events.

9. Josh Hazlewood

image-lifz594xJosh Hazlewood will partner with Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc for WTC final and The Ashes 2023

Josh Hazlewood, who is an integral part of the Australian bowling attack, has enjoyed a successful career since his debut in 2010. Known for his impeccable line and length, Hazlewood has been a consistent wicket-taker for Australia. In Test cricket, he has claimed 222 wickets in 59 matches at an average of 25.45 whereas in ODIs and T20Is he has 108 and 58 scalps to his name respectively. Hazlewood’s performances in the WTC final and The Ashes 2023 will be crucial for Australia’s chances.

10. Ray Lindwall

image-lifz6ng4Ray Lindwall (ICC Twitter)

Ray Lindwall, a dominant force in Australian cricket during the 1940s and 1950s, was instrumental in the team's success during the renowned Don Bradman era. Lindwall's sheer pace, and ability to move the ball made him a formidable opponent for batsmen around the world. In his illustrious Test career, Lindwall claimed 228 wickets in just 61 matches at an outstanding average of 23.03.