PBKS Vs SRH Head To Head Record

The PBKS vs SRH rivalry has always been an exciting watch (IPLT20.com)The PBKS vs SRH rivalry has always been an exciting watch (IPLT20.com)

Punjab Kings, formerly known as Kings XI Punjab, with their high-voltage performances and a batting lineup that often sets the field ablaze, have made a name for themselves in the hearts of cricket fans.

This team, known for its fighting spirit, often turns the game on its head, making them a formidable opponent that cannot be taken lightly. Their knack for building innings and accelerating at the right moments makes them unpredictable and a constant threat.

In IPL 2024, Punjab Kings, with their great spirit and a squad brimming with talent, continue to promise an enthralling spectacle, proving that they are contenders in the making, eager to win their first IPL title.

On the other hand, Sunrisers Hyderabad, champions of IPL 2016, have since experienced a rollercoaster journey in the league, with the last few seasons falling below their winning standards. 

However, entering IPL 2024, they have rekindled their fiery spirit, assembling a squad that is filled global stars and budding talent. This eclectic mix has reignited their reputation as a team to watch, with a renewed vigour and a balanced attack that intimidates even the staunchest of opponents.

Their overseas contingent, known for game-changing performances, alongside the exuberance of emerging players, positions them as serious contenders for the title.

PBKS vs SRH Head To Head Record

Throughout their 21 face-offs in the Indian Premier League, the rivalry between PBKS and SRH has unfolded with gripping intensity.

SRH, with a commendable tally of 14 wins, has often had the upper hand. On the other hand, Punjab, not far behind, has emerged victorious in 7 encounters.


PBKS vs SRH Head To Head Stats

Sr No.
21April 9, 2023Sunrisers Hyderabad8 WicketsHyderabad
20May 22, 2022Punjab Kings5 WicketsMumbai
19April 17, 2022Sunrisers Hyderabad7 WicketsMumbai
18September 25, 2021Punjab Kings5 RunsSharjah
17April 21, 2021
Sunrisers Hyderabad9 WicketsChennai
16October 24, 2020Kings XI Punjab12 RunsDubai
15October 8, 2020Sunrisers Hyderabad69 RunsDubai
14April 29, 2019Sunrisers Hyderabad45 RunsHyderabad
13April 8, 2019Kings XI Punjab6 WicketsMohali
12April 26, 2018Sunrisers Hyderabad13 RunsHyderabad
11April 19, 2018Kings XI Punjab
15 RunsMohali
10April 28, 2017Sunrisers Hyderabad26 RunsMohali
9April 17, 2017Sunrisers Hyderabad5 RunsHyderabad
8May 15, 2016Sunrisers Hyderabad7 WicketsMohali
7April 23, 2016Sunrisers Hyderabad
5 WicketsHyderabad
6May 11, 2015Sunrisers Hyderabad
5 RunsHyderabad
5April 27, 2015Sunrisers Hyderabad20 RunsMohali
4May 14, 2014Kings XI Punjab
6 WicketsHyderabad
3April 22, 2014Kings XI Punjab72 RunsSharjah
2May 11, 2013Sunrisers Hyderabad30 RunsMohali
1April 19, 2013Sunrisers Hyderabad5 WicketsHyderabad

PBKS vs SRH Head To Head Record: FAQ's

Q.1. What is the overall head-to-head record between SRH and PBKS in the IPL?

Answer: SRH has won 14 matches, while Punjab Kings PBKS has won 7 out of the 21 encounters between the two teams.

Q.2. Which stadium has hosted the most number of SRH vs PBKS matches?

Answer: The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium has hosted the most number of SRH vs PBKS matches, with a total of 8 games played there.

Q.3. How many matches have SRH and PBKS played at the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium?

Answer: SRH and PBKS have faced each other 6 times at the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium.

Q.4. Have there been any no-result matches between SRH and PBKS in the IPL? 

Answer: No, all 21 matches played between SRH and PBKS have had decisive outcomes with no matches ending in a no result.

Q.5. Which team has a better win record at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium?

Answer: Sunrisers Hyderabad has a superior win record at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, securing victory in 7 out of 8 matches against Punjab Kings.