When A 'Furious' Babar Azam Scolded Mohammad Rizwan & Shadab Khan

image-lo5eizmjPakistan were handed a humiliating win by Afghanistan (Twitter)

Pakistan captain Babar Azam has come under intense scrutiny following the team's unexpected defeat to Afghanistan in the ongoing World Cup 2023.

Umar Gul shed light on team discord amidst criticism of Babar's captaincy

Notable figures from Pakistan's cricket fraternity, including former cricketers Moin Khan and Shoaib Malik, have expressed their disappointment with Babar's leadership.

In the aftermath of the loss, Shoaib Malik insinuated that while Babar stands out as an exceptional batsman, his captaincy leaves much to be desired. Moin Khan seconded Malik's sentiments, candidly criticizing Babar's lack of strategic acumen on the field.

Many observed Babar's apparent helplessness when the Afghan batters took control, significantly altering the game's trajectory in Afghanistan's favour. Disturbingly, the expected support from senior players, such as Mohammad Rizwan and Shadab Khan, was absent, raising questions about the team's internal dynamics.

Usually, experienced players are looked upon to guide the captain or boost team morale, especially during challenging times. This integral aspect seems missing in the current "Men in Green" squad.

A revelation by former Pakistan pacer, Umar Gul, has added more fuel to the speculative fire. During an appearance on ARY Digital, Gul shed light on a past incident that might hint at the underlying tension within the squad.

He recounted witnessing an occasion where both Rizwan and Shadab faced reprimand from Babar for interacting with the bowler during a series. This incident, Gul believes, might be the root cause of the evident hesitation seen in Rizwan and Shadab in offering their insights to the captain and the bowler during matches.

"I was with the Pakistan team for one series and I saw Mohammad Rizwan and Shadab Khan getting scolded by Babar Azam for talking to the bowler. Maybe this is the reason why Rizwan and Shadab hesitate to give their inputs to the captain and bowler," revealed Gul.

Meanwhile, on the tournament front, Pakistan's journey seems to be on a downward trajectory. After kickstarting the World Cup with two wins, they have now faced consecutive losses against cricketing giants like India, Australia, and most recently, Afghanistan.