Nasser Hussain Tears Apart English Cricket After Racism Saga

image-lfy9cf24Azeem Rafiq after court hearing (Source: Twitter)

With the racism fiasco ruining the image of English and Yorkshire cricket, some pretty strong words have come from the former skipper of the national side Nasser Hussain. Hussain who led the side till the year 2003 was furious with how the entire matter has been handled by the board.

The matter dates back to a few years back when Azeem Rafiq fired a series of allegations on his previous Yorkshire teammates which included Michael Vaughan. However, with the matter pending for almost two years, the final resolution came a day ago and Vaughan was cleared of all charges of racism.

"A very sad and bad day [for English cricket] in a long list of sad days on this subject. In years to come, this process will be held up as the gold standard of how not to investigate an allegation of racism. I am sure Azeem Rafiq didn't want it to become about individuals. Beyond belief how you can get through an investigation so poorly and make it about individuals,"

Meanwhile, Hussain has spoken on the misconduct calling it a 'sad and bad day' for English cricket. Further, he mentioned that the standard of investigation has been so poor that it has now become a template of how not to do it.

"Words are incredibly important, and you don't learn and move on unless you move back. A lot of the stuff that has happened detracts from the wider issues that the game needs to look at. They got the process badly wrong."

The fact that everyone got away without any severe retribution caused an uproar among the cricketing circle as they expected better treatment for Rafiq.