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[Watch] Suresh Kumar Pulls Off An MS Dhoni As Lyca Kovai Kings Seal 1-Run Win In TNPL 2024 

Suresh Kumar's Dhoni-esque throw (X.com)Suresh Kumar's Dhoni-esque throw (X.com)

The Lyca Kovai Kings' clash with IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans ended on the fitting note for the defending champions as they won the fifth game of the Tamil Nadu Premier League 2024 tournament by a narrow margin of one run.

Lyca's Suresh Kumar embodied legendary MS Dhoni with his inch-perfect and lightning quick throw in the final ball of the game; thereby clinching a victory for him and his teammates. 

Watch- Lyca Kovai Kings' Suresh Kumar Pulls Off An MS Dhoni-Esque Hit

In the 20th over, Mohammed came from round the wicket and bowled a good length delivery at the outside off stump line. Ajith Ram swung his bat however missed the ball; Ganesh from the non-striker's end set off for the bye run to take the game to super over but Suresh Kumar had some other plans.

He safely collected the ball and broke the stumps with his laser sharp throw with the batter nowhere close to the crease.

To give a brief background, before this ball ITT needed just 2 runs off a ball and we could've been in for a super over. However, with the help of Suresh's smartness, it was a run out as the keeper hits the bullseye at the keeper's end. The batter was short of his ground and it was a run out.