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[Watch] Marco Jansen Plucks A Stunner As Rohit Sharma Agonisingly Falls Short Of His 50

image-lqxqic3oRohit Sharma departs after scoring 39 runs vs the Proteas men (AP News)

In a gripping contest on the opening day of the India vs South Africa Test match at Newlands, Cape Town, Rohit Sharma's departure marked a crucial moment in the proceedings. After a promising start, Sharma fell victim to the relentless bowling of N Burger, contributing 39 runs off 50 balls.

Skipper Rohit Sharma Gets Caught Out 

The dismissal unfolded in the 14th over when Burger, operating over the wicket, delivered a well-pitched ball on the hard length, just outside the off-stump line. Sharma, attempting to defend, found himself deceived by the extra bounce generated by Burger. The ball took the outer half of Sharma's bat, directing it towards gully, where M Jansen executed a commendable low catch.

Jansen's swift reaction was pivotal as the ball was dipping in front of him, making it a challenging opportunity. However, the South African fielder managed to get his fingers underneath the ball, securing the wicket. The dismissal not only halted Sharma's promising innings but also provided a crucial breakthrough for the home team.

The Proteas celebrated the dismissal as a collective effort to dismiss a key player. As Sharma made his way back to the pavilion, the match poised delicately with both teams vying for dominance on the first day of what promises to be an enthralling Test series. At the time of writing, India stands at 90/2 with Virat Kohli and Shubman Gill taking charge at the crease.