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[Watch] Iftikhar's Off-Break Magic, Rizwan's Flying Catch Sends Dawid Malan Packing

image-lotv7wotMohammad Rizwan's Spectacular Catch [Ap photos]

In a high-stakes encounter at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Pakistan is battling against defending champions England in the 45th match of the 2023 World Cup. The scenario is clear: a semi-final berth is still within reach for Babar Azam's side, but a near-impossible victory against England is essential to keep the dream alive.

The turning point came in the 14th over when Iftikhar Ahmed drew first blood by dismissing the dangerous Dawid Malan. The tension was palpable as Malan attempted an unorthodox reverse paddle, only to top-edge the ball. Wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan faced a moment of uncertainty but eventually managed to secure the catch in a spectacular display of athleticism.

Watch - Rizwan's 'Spectacular Catch

Describing the dismissal, it was a fuller length delivery around the off stump, tempting Malan to stretch forward and attempt the risky reverse paddle. The pressure of playing dot balls forced Malan into a miscalculated shot, resulting in a top edge. Rizwan, exhibiting remarkable reflexes, initially fumbled with the catch but recovered brilliantly, juggling the ball before completing a diving catch on the rebound. Malan, realizing the error in his approach, had to depart after scoring 31 runs.

As of the time of writing, England stands at 109 for 1 in 18 overs