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[Watch] Gerhard Erasmus 'Captains Like MS Dhoni' As Scholtz Traps Zeeshan Maqsood With A Beauty

Zeeshan was outfoxed by Scholtz [X]Zeeshan was outfoxed by Scholtz [X]

Experienced Oman batter Zeeshan Maqsood had a solid start to his innings in the ongoing T20 World Cup game against Namibia as he struck several glorious boundaries to get going. However, he couldn't convert his start into a big score, with Bernard Scholtz outfoxing him with a ripper. 

The incident occurred during the seventh over of Oman's innings when they had already lost their top order, thanks to Ruben Trumpelmann's lethal new ball spell

Namibian skipper Gerhard Erasmus' decision to bring Scholtz into the attack paid rich dividends for them as the left-arm spinner got rid of Maqsood, who was well set in the middle. 

After conceding a solitary run on his first two balls, Scholtz, coming over the wicket, bowled a good length delivery that turned slightly into Maqsood

However, the explosive southpaw misread the length completely as he tried to play the ball off his back foot. 

As a result, he failed to get some bat on it, getting struck on his pads. As soon as the Namibian players appealed, the on-field umpire raised his finger, declaring Maqsood out without any hesitation. 

Although the former Oman captain went upstairs, the TV umpire upheld the on-field call as HawkEye predicted three reds in the replay. 

Batting first, Oman were reeling at 60 for four at the halfway mark, with Khali Kail and Ayaan Khan unbeaten in the middle.