Live Blog: WPL 2023, UPW vs MI-W, Match 10

image-lf5fkh4lMumbai Indians (Source: Twitter)

UPW vs MI-W Live πŸ”΄ | WPL 2023

That's it from the coverage of this match, do join us tomorrow on the Live-Blog for the next WPL fixture. Arnav Chopra signing off on behalf of team OneCricket. Good Night, see you in the next game!

Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur has been handed over the player of the match award for her wonderful 53 off 33 balls. Although, we have to talk about her captaincy as well.

Arnav: MI have been brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant! They have taken the world by storm!

10:55 PM IST | Another emphatic win for the Mumbai Indians. Fourth in the trot!! Outstanding from the Harmanpreet-Kaur led side. This has been some statement. Meanwhile, UP would be a little disappointed after being unable to defend that. Although, Healy admitted that they were around 15 runs short. Also, not forgetting Nat Sciver-Brunt's contribution here.

Sixxxx!!! That's it!! Sciver-Brunt deposited that over the ropes and finishes the game for her side! The unbeaten run continues for Mumbai Indians!!!

Just 2 required....

100 Partnership between Harman and Nat Sciver with that boundary!!!! 

Ohhh nooo... Not Again. Not Again. Third No-ball from Shabnim Ismail!! Adding to her side's woes. But this time, the free-hit has been struck for four by Scver-Brunt!!

EQUATION: 7 OFF 18 Balls

11 off the 17th over...

50 up for Harman in no time!! She has been brilliant today. Infact, fifties from both the captains.

Arnav: Beware everyone!! The HARMAN-CANE has struck Brabourne!!

Four More. Four More.....Stop it someone. Infact, Two more in a row. That's three fours and a six from the over. It's 19 off the 16th Over.

Harmanpreet is in some form!! Gets into the act. Four! Sixx!! Against Tahlia McGrath. She is making it easy for her side.

So, the Time-out has been taken...

10:40 PM IST | Ball the helmet of Nat as she was running towards the non-striker's end from a Shabnim Ismail throw. Concussion Test going on.

EQUATION: 37 off 30 Balls 

And no signs of stopping Harman....

Two in a row for Harmanpreet!! She is in the business! Gayakwad the bowler.

10:33 PM IST | What an effort from Ecclestone!! That would have been a boundary, she was inside the circle. Jumped over and gets a hand at cover region inside the circle. Although would count as a dropped catch!!

100 on the board for Mumbai Indians!! Skipper and Sciver still at the crease...

Double boundary over from Nat Sciver. Takes on Ecclestone and does it rightly.

10:23 PM IST | Harmanpreet gets a life! As if Mumbai didn't had enough luck today already. Balls hit the stumps with bails popping up and getting back to the groove. Madness!! Absolute madness!! We have seen everything today.

10 Overs remaining... 88 required.

Glorious drive that from Harmanpreet Kaur through the off-side. As classy as it can get!

Arnav: MI in a spot of bother now. They need 96 from 66 balls. A quiet over last one is helping change the momentum for UP after a strong start from MI.

MI-W: 64/2 after 9 Overs

Time for Strategic TimeOut!!!

10:09 PM IST | Keep that behind the line. NO BALL called. Another one! Shabnim Ismail again. And again just a single of the free hit delivery.

MI-W: 59/2 after 8 Overs

Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur walks in...

Ecclestone strikes!! The magician has the ball in hand and she does the job! It's Mathews who has to walk back. She is back for 12. Two in quick succession.

Nat Sciver walks in...

Six and Gone! Bhatia was looking good but plays a shot to deep mid-wicket and couldn't connect well. That was right after she struck a six to Rajeshwari Gayakwad. 42 for Bhatia.

No-ball! Overstepping! Free-Hit Called!! But Ismail bowls a short one to Bhatia and she couldn't find the willow on the free-hit delivery!

Two fours after the review from Yastika Bhatia. She is in the grove!

Review from UP: Can't wait for a second as another review taken. This time for caught behind. Given not out. Stays with the field call! UP have lost both their reviews.

Shabnim Ismail into the attack...

MI-W: 40/0 after 5 Overs

9:45 PM IST | Waittt!! Huge Controversy!! Huge One! Literally! That call has been reversed!! Mathews was adamant!! She never wanted to leave!! Third Umpire has changed his own decision! It was ball hitting the bat first which was previously seen otherwise! Finally, the right call has been made!

Review from UP: LBW shout against Matthews. Turned down by umpire. Sent upstairs by Healy after she says "I don't know". Ecclestone looks more convinced. And she is RIGHT! Bang On! Mathews is Gone!!

Sophie Ecclestone into the attack...

Equation: 126 from 96 balls

Flurry of boundaries from Yastika. That's a good start for MI.

Four from Yastika Bhatia !! After the dropped catch. This will hurt UP!

9:31 PM IST | Dropped!! It's Yastika who gets the life. Simran the culprit this time. It's the second time, she has been saved. Previously, it was Healy.

Yastika gets into the act. Finds the fence twice in the over.

It's two in the over from the Caribbean Superstar. She has been magnificent this season.

Add another...

What a start that from Mathews. Four. Swept away.

9:19 PM IST | We are back with the chase. The players and umpires are out in the middle. Yastika Bhatia and Hayley Matthews walk out to open the innings for Mumbai Indians Women. Rajeshwari Gayakwad with the ball.

Alright, it's 160 for the win. We'll see you after a breather...

Arnav: A good start from UP but unfortunately, not the ending they would have wanted.

9:07 PM IST | Three runs from the last three balls. UP end their innings on 159 for six with two great knocks from Alyssa Healy and Tahlia McGrath. Surely, they were expecting more. MI, meanwhile would be quite satisfied as she was aiming to stop them below 160. Something they have done successfully. 

Three balls remaining. Shweta Sehrawat walks in...

And she gets Deepti stumped. UP lose their sixth. They would have expected more from her.

Kerr with the ball...

Nine off the nineteenth over. They need more in the final one. Here we go...

150 up for UPW

Deepti Sharma is in now. What can she do?

2 overs remaining...

UPW: 146/5 after 18 overs

No Way!! Third down in no time. It's Sophie Ecclestone who finds the fielder. UP in trouble now. Hayley Mathews gets the breakthrough.

Arnav: Unfortunately, the re-building phase has begun for UPW. This is going to be tough.

Sophie Ecclestone is the new batter...

Another one! TWO in the over. It's McGrath this time. Both the set batters out. Now then, talk about change in fortunes! She goes for a well-made 50. Saika has another three-wicket haul.

Simran Shaikh comes in...

UPW: 140/3 after 16.3 Overs

Healy is gone! Big breakthrough that!! UPW lose their leader. MI breaks the 82 run stand between the two Australian heroes. She departs for 58. Saika with her second.

That's 50 for McGrath. An innings to watch out for!! 

McGrath on 49...

McGrath goes bang, bang!! Two fours in a row!! That's how you do it!! Power. Literally, That's how you do it!

Review by Mumbai Indians: It's against Alyssa Healy on Issy Wong delivery in the fifteenth over. Fuller delivery on the leg stump line. Healy sits down on one knee and looks for a paddle sweep but misses it and wears it on the knee roll. A loud appeal but no dice. Harmanpreet goes upstairs. The ball tracking indicates the pitching is outside the leg.

50 up for Skipper Alyssa Healy. Outstanding innings that. 36 balls for her 2nd WPL fifty. What a tournament she is having already.

We are back for the final 7 Overs.

Time for Strategic Timeout....

UPW: 113/2 after 13 Overs

Arnav: MI saved both the times after conceding a free-hit. Lucky ones.

As I was writing the previous one. There's another from MI's Brunt in the next over. She couldn't land the ball on the strip. Free-Hit again. This time it is a dot ball.

Alright, No Ball Called!!! It's a free hit from Jintimani Kalita as she overstepped but only goes for single.

100 up for UP Warriorz with a boundary from skipper Healy. Good length delivery on the stumps. McGrath makes room and tonks it over the infield as the ball flies over the short covers and races away for a boundary.

8:16 PM IST | Okay, It's the big battle. It's Saika Ishaque vs Alyssa Healy. Saika has outfoxed Healy straightway with a wide delivery as she was trying to come down to the track but was beaten. Decision has been sent upstairs for stumping and it's NOT OUT!

Arnav: They have set themselves a strong platform for a big total. They should be eying 180 here.

UPW: 85/2 after 10 Overs

Two consecutive boundaries from Tahlia McGrath against Amelia Kerr. Add third to it. So, three boundaries from the ninth over. Good going for UP.

Tahlia McGrath walks out to the middle..

Gone. Kiran Navgire strikes one huge six and then, a lucky four. But right after that, she loses her wicket to Amelia Kerr. Good catch that from Yastika Bhatia.

Arnav: Seriously, what a start this for UP. Don't think anyone has played better against MI until now.

It's time for Strategic Timeout...

UPW: 48/1 after 6 Overs.

Hugeee Hit that from the skipper Healy. Good length and in the middle, Healy charges down the track and clobbers that down the ground as the ball sails over the long-on fence for a maximum. 

Literally, they are doing this everytime...

Arnav: Healy in no mood give away her wicket. Wants to stay there till the end. It's the end of 5 overs, and UP are 39 for 1. Healy is continuing where she left off in the last game.

Alright then, Healy is in action, strikes Ishaque for four boundaries in an over. That is the class. The Class of Alyssa Healy.

UPW: 16/1 after 3 overs

Navgire finds the gap here against Wong. Good battle between these two.

Appeal on the second delivery. Umpire gives Not Out. Harmanpreet Kaur goes upstairs against Alyssa Healy. Stays with the onfield call. MI lose a review here.

Kiran Navgire, the new batter in.

Isa Wong into the attack.


Here we gooo. Ishaque Strikes. The knack of taking wickets is there and you can see that. Given LBW. Boundary of the last ball, Vaidya departs on the next delivery.


First boundary of the match on the fifth ball of the second over from Devika Vaidya. Plays it through the off-side for four.

Superstar Saika Ishaque with the second over.

A funny moment in the first over. Fielder at mid-wicket tries to throw it to the keeper but ball gets stuck in her hand which is thrown to a vacant region, allowing an overthrow.

Arnav: This will be a tight contest. I tell you.

7:29 PM IST |  Right then we are all set for live-action. The umpires and players are walking out in the middle. Devika Vaidya and Alyssa Healy will open for the UP Warriorz while Nat Sciver has the new ball in hand.

By the time match begins you can have a look at yesterday's game feature...

Playing XIs of both teams...

Meanwhile Mumbai...

UP's Change

Grace Harris is ILL and will be missing today's game as she is being replaced by Shabnim Ismail

One Change for both sides.

UP Warriorz Women have won the toss and elected to bat first

It's time for the all-important toss...

Get ready for match 10 of the Women's Premier League!

Hello and welcome to the Live Blog for the Women's Premier League (WPL) 2023 clash between UP Warriorz (UPW) and Mumbai Indians (MI-WW) that will take place at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai.