Live Blog: WPL 2023, RCB-W vs UPW, Match 8

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RCB-W vs UPW Live 🔴 | WPL 2023

That's it from the coverage of this fixture, do join us tomorrow on the Live-Blog for the next WPL fixture. Arnav Chopra signing off on behalf of team OneCricket. Good Night, see you in the next fixture!

Alyssa Healy without doubt has been declared player of the match for her wonderful performance. Let's not discount the effort from Sophie Eccelstone who bagged three wickets for just 13 runs.

Arnav: RCB's bowling a real concern here with not even a single wicket in the entire game. Some genuine problem! Fourth defeat on the trot! Things not looking good.

UP Warriorz win by 10 Wickets

10:25 PM IST | That is it!! A ten wicket win for the UP Warriorz against the RCB.  A wonderful performance from the skipper Alyssa Healy with a mind-blowing 96 not out.

That's a single from Healy. She tried to go for the big shot but couldn't connect well. That will halt her innings on 96

10:15 PM IST | Healy strikes a boundary as soon as she gets the strike but now just one run is required whereas 5 is required for her half-century! 

Good shot from Vaidya for four. That makes it difficult for Healy!!

Can Healy get to her century that's the question?

EQUATION: 12 RUNS from Eight Overs!

2 fours and a Six from Alyssa Healy against Ellyse Perry and she is into the ninties!!!

Review: Quicker from Burns on the pads from over the wicket, Vaidya gets down on one knee and looks to sweep it but misses and wears it on the back leg. A half-hearted appeal from the bowler but turned down by the umpire. Mandhana after having a chat with her bowler and keeper decides to send it upstairs. But of no use as ball is pitching outside-off.

10:03 PM IST | Healy bangs a four and a six to Erin Burns in the 11th Over. And I tell you what striking that!! Glorious!!

After 10 overs, the score is 103 for no loss. The game is over for RCB.

100 achieved in a Flash! That's the big deal!! And it's achieved in just 9.2 overs.

No Stopping Healy here!! She has done enough to called a LEGEND here!! Three FOURS in a row. Infact, FOUR Fours!! Renuka Thakur has been taken to the cleaners.


Arnav: Now, Devika Vaidya getting into the act. She is too taking the charge to break free. Two fours in the over. Healy will surely be impressed!

Equation: 73 from 78 Balls!! Game in UP's hands.

11 runs in the seventh over from Sahana Pawar with Healy hitting two boundaries.

After 6 overs, they are 55 for no loss!!

Meanwhile, UP Warriorz crusing towards the target here! FIFTY UP inside the powerplay! Three consecutive fours too in the sixth over!!

Arnav: Things getting bad to worse for RCB. They are in no control of game at the moment. Everything going downhill for them a the moment.

UP-W: 32/0 after 3 Overs

BANG!! Three fours in the over from the UP Warriorz's skipper. Some classic shots on display!!

Healy on the charge!!!

Vaidya comes to bowl the second over but gets smashed for two fours by Healy. She loves to be in the limelight!

9:17 PM IST | 8 of the first over with one four from Vaidya.

Komal Zanzad with the new ball. Skipper Alyssa Healy on strike and Devika Vaidya accompanying her.

Right then, 139 the target. A players walk out to the middle.

We'll be back soon!

9:00 PM IST | We'll have to wait and see if they manage to defend that or face their fourth defeat on trot!

Arnav: What a shame that RCB couldn't even reach 150 here after an outstanding start.

Just as I was about to write something, two wickets have fallen consecutively on two deliveries. They are all-out! Unbelievable stuff that from UP Warriorz as they have halted them for just 138 in 19.3 overs. Ecclestone outstanding. 4/13 in 3.3 overs. 

Final Over Now!

Deepti ends her spell well with 3 wickets for 26 runs in four overs. She is the game changer here!

Review Taken: Not Out Given on field by the umpires. Alyssa Healy takes the review against Komal Zanzad. But she is saved just because the impact is umpire's call.

RCB: 136/8 after 18 overs

No way. No way!!! They have lost another one. It's Richa Ghosh who departs this time! Run-out!! All Chaos here!!

Trouble calling..

Another one, Erin Burns is gone after finding a boundary on the previous ball.. They are seven down now!!

Richa Ghosh, the final hope of RCB is in...

So, here's another shocker, Perry is gone!! The huge wicket! Extremely huge. Plays a big shot and holds on to long on. 

Arnav: Maybe, 150 looks out of reach now!! One thing for sure, they need to re-strategize.

Alright, a four here for Erin as she pulls one against Sarvani

Can she do something here?

Erin Burns, the new batter in....

We're back for the final stint of the first innings..

8:33 PM IST | They are losing the plot now, 116 for 5. Surely, need someone to stand at one end!

Strategic Timeout!!

Shreyanka Patil is gone!! Ecclestone takes another wicket. That was miscued in the air and caught easily by Sarvani.

Just as I said this...

Arnav: Meanwhile, Patil looking in great touch today. Certainly, confidence boosting for her to be here.

Single from Perry, that's fifty from one of the greatest Australian cricketer! Her first in the tournament. She has been outstanding today with four fours and a six as just 35 balls were required for the milestone.

Arnav: Now, then they are looking at a score which doesn't look far away now.

100 up for RCB in the 13th over

Shreyanka Patil comes to the middle...

8:19 PM IST | Chance of a run-out and she is gone. Heather Knight has to depart after playing just two deliveries. Knight well short of crease when bails were removed.

Some goods shots from Perry in the 11th over and she struck two crucial fours!

Arnav: They are putting themselves in trouble again!!

Kanika Ahuja comes in and goes!! That's another breakthrough and they are three down now.

Outstanding effort that from Kiran Navgire on the boundary line...

RCB: 81/2 after 10 Overs

Arnav: Looks like they would fancy 200 here with Perry in good touch.

8:03 PM IST | RCB now two down with 73 on the board. They would surely want to do more here!

Strategic Timeout!

That's right through!! Sophie Devine is cleaned up here by Sophie Ecclestone!! Tries to cut the ball but couldn't do so.

Ecclestone comes back for her second over... 

Two fours in the over for Perry against Deepti Sharma!

Arnav: Perry looks in good touch here. She could easily change the game here.

RCB: 54/1 after 6 Overs

Sixxx from Ellyse!! That brings up RCB's half-century in the sixth over!

They are surely looking for a big total this time!

Two Fours in the first over that Perry plays. Good Cricket from the Aussie all-rounder!

Ellyse Perry walks to the crease..

Smriti departs!!! Huge blow this to RCB as the skipper has departed for yet another low score in this tournament. Surely RCB fans won't be too pleased with this. All praise for Rajeshwari Gayakway who traps Smriti to play a false shot.

Another mis-field at the boundary line from UP Warriorz

7:36 PM IST | Misfield gives away four more runs to Devine and RCB.

Devine looking in serious touch as she find the gap through the off-side in the second over.

Arnav: It's 13 of the first over. RCB looking intentful.

Smriti plays the first ball for a single but as soon as Devine comes on strike, she takes the charge with a four and a six against Harris.

Here we go..

7:28 PM IST | We are moments away from the game to begin as Smriti Mandhana along Sophie Devine comes to the crease for RCB as Grace Harris to bowl the first bowl.

A great news for the fans, UP Warriorz hero from their first game Grace Harris returns to the XI after an injury..

If you're wondering about theRCB's changes, here are they

And it's RCB's Smriti Mandhana who has won the toss and elected to bat first.

Time for the toss....

Get ready for match 8 of the Women's Premier League!

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