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Live Blog: WPL 2023, UP-W vs MI-W, Match 15: Tweets, Videos and More

image-lfdrxkghMI's dominance in the WPL about to end? (Source: Twitter)

MI-W vs UP-W | UP win by 5 wickets!

That's it!!!! UP Warriorz have defeated the best side of the tournament. They have broken the streak of the Mumbai Indians of 5 wins and Mumbai Indians no longer remain undefeated in this tournament. Warriorz have won this game with 5 wickets.

MI loss their first match of the WPL!

Full toss on the stumps and Ecclestone smokes it into the stands! UP Warriorz win

Another dot ball! Ecclestone fails to get bat on ball...

Wong starts off with a dot ball....5 needed off 5 balls...

Time for the final over! UP need 5 runs in 6 balls!

Now onto the run-out check! She has made it back in time!

MI take the review but its not hitting the pads and Not out stands!

Length ball on the stumps she goes down and paddles it towards short fine leg! A loud appeal but umpire is not interested!

A few more dots built the pressure but once again they break it with a boundary!

A couple of dot ball here and now its 13 runs needed off 12 balls!

14 runs are need out of the remaining 15 balls!

Ecclestone manages to find a boundary here!

Dot ball building up the pressure here! 20 runs need off 19 balls here!

UP need 22 runs needed in the last four overs!

Sophie Ecclestone walks out to the middle here...

Harris is back in the hut and its time for a strategic time out here!

Flighted and fuller length delivery on middle stump. Harris gets down on a knee and goes for another jibe down the ground. Doesn't time the hit well and finds Wong at long on.

Once again the Badal curse takes a wicket here! 

Badal: Back to back boundaries here! Looks like Harris is in no mood to take it deep! She wants to get it done and dusted as soon as possible!

The single has been denied and Grace makes a full length dive to get back in time here!

UP need run a ball now with 33 needed of 33 deliveries!

She cuts it past point here! Back to back boundaries here...

Harris paddles it up and over the keeper down to fine leg for a boundary!

UP are slowly inching towards the total here!

UP need 46 runs in 44 balls

An easy caught and bowled here! UP are 71-4 after 11.5 overs!

A tossed up googly pitched on the fifth stump line. McGrath gets on the front foot and tries to hit again in the off side. Angles the bat to play an inside out stroke but ends up chipping straight to Amelia Kerr in her follow through.

Once again I have jinxed it as McGrath departs! Kerr strikes!

Badal: Tahlia McGrath's knock has been very important to UP's cause here! She has made sure they keep scoring at a decent rate and don't let MI get on top!

Four to start the second half of the chase! UP onto 56! Sorry make it 60 as they hit back to back boundaries here...

At the halfway mark UP are 52-3! They still need 76 runs in 60 balls.

Short delivery on the off-stump line, Tahila stays back in the crease and pulls it over the deep square leg region, the ball goes flat over the ropes for six runs.

Into the stands it goes! McGrath tonks Wong for a maximum! 

Strategic Time Out! Let's see what changes take place after the break! More importantly do the women in Yellow change their approach here...

UP are 35-3 after 7 overs! They need 93 runs in 78 balls!

Meanwhile, have a look at excellent catch of Harman to get MI's first wicket of the night:

Huge Appeal for caught behind and up goes the finger. Yastika takes an excellent catch this time. Short delivery angling into the batter down the leg stump line.

Hold on make it three for the team in Blue! MI-W are well on top as they get the third wicket here!

On the pads and tucked away to the fence here!

Another catch goes down here! Harmanpreet is not happy with what she has seen from the girls on the field so far!

MI on top here!

UP suffer a huge blow as Healy walks back to the pavilion

Bat โžก๏ธ Not Involved! Pitching โžก๏ธ In Line | Impact โžก๏ธ In Line | Wickets โžก๏ธ Hitting

A loud appeal and the umpire denies it! However they have sent it upstairs here!

Wong into the attack and she goes full with her first delivery!

Meanwhile, have a look at the heroics from the first innings:

The two dropped catches have cost MI here as UP have started to pick up the pace! They are 21-1 after 5 overs. While they are still scoring below 6 an over, they surely have recovered! 

Another catch dropped! This time at point! Back to back dropped catches won't help MI's cause this time around.

Healy dropped in the deep! In the air and dropped!!!! Amanjot drops the catch at deep square leg region.

UP are 1-1 after 1.3 overs!

Catch it is the call and Harmanpreet takes a wonderful catch at first slip. 

Around the wicket. Flighted delivery on the fuller length outside the off-stump line and turning away from the batter. Vaidya takes a stride forward and tries to drive it on the off-side but gets a thick outside edge and the ball goes towards slips region, Kaur dives towards her right and takes the catch.

MI have the much needed early break through as Matthews strikes and sends Vaidya back to the hut!

Can MI Strike early?

Natalie Sciver has the new ball in here hand as she looks to make early in roads! 

They will look to lay a great foundation for the team in yellow to chase down this below par total!

Healy and Vaidya are the openers for UP

The players have made their way out to the middle...

Time for the second innings to start here!

Innings Break!

MI have been bundled out for 127 in their 20 overs! It was a powerful start from Hayley Matthews but they couldn't capitalise as wickets kept on falling and the Blues ended up scoring with a run rate of 6 an over.

Final ball of the innings and another run out here by Deepti Sharma!

Tries to make it a double here and the Wong is run out at the strikers end thanks to Deepti Sharma's heroics!

She takes it on again and smashes it towards deep midwicket for a boundary! Very important runs for MI!

MI are 122-8!

Wong takes it on and deposits it into the stands! A much needed biggie here

Final over of the first innings!

Full in length on the off peg, she goes for the sweep and gets her stumps rattled!

MI are eight down and in all sorts of trouble here!

MI are 103-7 after 13 overs!

Good length delivery angling into the batter, stays a bit low this time. Kazi goes down on one knee and tries to slog it on the leg side but fails to connect it and the ball rattles the timber. 

Another one goes down! The stumps have been rattled again! 

Kazi's feet are firmly on the ground and she survives

The keeper whips of the bails in no time and the leg umpire has send it upstairs here...

She takes matters in her own hands and rattles the stumps here...

Ecclestone has the last laugh!!!! Wickets are tumbling down here for Mumbai Indians. Fuller length delivery, down the leg stump line and turning away from the batter. Amanjot comes down the track and tries to flick it on the leg side but misses it completely and Healy collects the ball and whips off the bails quickly.

She creates a chance as the ball goes high into the night sky! But, the fielder at long-off drops it and gives away a boundary here!

Sophie is brought into the attack to get another wicket here!

Another one races down to the fence! This time she goes up and over the umpire, dead straight!

Edge runs down to third man for a boundary! Doesn't matter how they come as long as they do. 

MI are 83-5 after 14.2 overs! Can they get another 50 odd runs in the last five to get to a decent total here...

Just a ball after surviving a close DRS call! Harmanpreet Kaur hits it straight into the hands of the woman at deep mid-wicket! A huge blow for MI, look unlikely that they will get close to 150 from here on...

Bat โžก๏ธ Not Involved! NOT OUT

She feels that she hasn't nicked it let's see what the ultra edge shows!

Has another one gone down! Harmanpreet Kaur has sent it upstairs for a review

Looks like MI are having a rare tough evening out in the middle here...

Wicckkettt!! Gayakwad has got a crucial break-trough here. Amelia Kerr has top-edged a sweep to short fine leg and Mumbai are now in more trouble. 

Shakir: Harman is looking to stay positive and she is going about business as usual. Three boundaries in the last 5 balls and Mumbai once again look to up the tempo!!

Skipper cuts it away to the fence for a boundary! What a shot! What a player!

MI are 59-3 after 11 overs!

2nd wicket for Sophie Ecclestone, gets rid of the dangerous Hayley Matthews!

 A little bit short of length pitching on the leg stump and turning away. Matthews rocks back looking to pull this on the leg side. Collects a big top edge with the ball skying up behind the stumps. Alyssa Healy calls early for the catch and gets underneath to take it!

Hayley Matthews departs after scoring 35! Have I jinxed her here...

She is on fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Matthews is continuing her onslaught here...another biggie into the stands...

Badal: Let's see if they can to that figure! Looks unlikely to me.

Shakir: The max they can add from here on his a hundred! So they can get to 145 which is a par total if I am not wrong.

Badal: How much can they get in their remaining 11 overs?

Time for the strategic time out! MI are 45-2! Not that familiar a situation for the women in blue but they still have enough in their tanks to get to a decent total here...

Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur walks out to the middle...

Good length arm ball on the leg stump, Sciver is caught on the crease trying to work it in the leg side but gets hit on the pads. Big shout from the fielders and Ecclestone, up goes the finger! The quicker delivery skids through and gets Sophie her first wicket of the match!

Badal: Mr.Shakir strikes and UP have their second wicket.

Shakir: Yes, and it will be in this over itself!

Badal: Shakir can she take a wicket here?

The World Number 1 bowler Sophie Ecclestone has been brought into the attack here.

Misfield in the deep and gifts a boundary to MI here...

After the end of the powerplay, MI are 31-1 

Smashed straight back into the hands of Gaikwad who fails to hold onto it...dropped!

In walks Natalie Sciver...

The pressure was piling up on Bhatia and she throws her wicket away. Fuller length delivery angling into the leg stump line. Bhatia shuffles across and tries to scoop it over the fine leg region but fails to get a bat on it and the ball rattles the timber. The poor shot selection here by Bhatia and she pays price for it.

Anjali strikes! UP get the first wicket of the evening! Yastika's stumps have been rattled here...

Matthews is on fire here...

Make it two in a row!

Was that the best shot of this WPL season? Hayley Matthews stands tall and takes it on, she deposits it into the stands over cover. Haven't seen it being struck that beautifully for a while now.

And an easy one goes down here as Yastika Bhatia survives!

Not the best of starts for the Team in Blue! They are 11-0 after 3 overs.

Badal: Cricket is game of uncertainty for a reason. And, who doesn't love to see underdogs outperform the favourites and get the job done. I believe UP have the players in their ranks to over power the league leaders.

Shakir: Hello everyone, Mumbai have been on a winning juggernaut. Do you think UP Warriorz can stop them? @Badal

Grace Harris will bring the second over here...

Hayley Matthews and Yastika Bhatia are the openers. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari Gaikwad has the new ball in her hand...

The players are making their way to the middle, it is time for the action to begin...

By the way we are minutes away from the start of this high voltage fixture, stay tuned...

Badal: MI have been super dominant in the WPL. While everyone will expect them to get the job done today as well, we might see UP Warriorz create a big upset and keep themselves alive in the competition.

Dada meet the Women of Delhi Capitals:

Meanwhile, we have news related to IPL for you:

Harmanpreet Kaur(Mumbai Indians Women Skipper): " Well I don't think this is something new for me and now even Mumbai Indians are getting used to it(On losing 6 out of 6 tosses in WPL). To be honest, we were looking to bat first only, looks like there will be a bit of a turn in the second innings. We are going with the same team. We are trying to keep things simple and just go and enjoy in the middle."

Alyssa Healy (UP Warriorz Captain): "We have chased better than batting first this season that's why we want to bowl first. Its about adapting to conditions well. Its hot here today and we will give our best to restrict them to a total that we can chase. The fact that Gujarat won the other night puts a bit of pressure on us to win a game like today against Mumbai so I'm really excited for the challenge. The game in hands, yes its nice but teams are hitting it at the right time and we can't take anything for granted. We just have to turn up, play our best and hope its good enough. We have made one change. Shweta (Sehrawat) misses out today and Parshavi (Chopra) comes in for her first game. Looking forward to see a legspinner attacking on this wicket."

UP Playing XI:

MI Playing XI: 

One Change for UP whereas MI are unchanged!

Toss Update: UP Warriorz Women have won the toss and opted to bowl first.

Hello and a warm welcome to the live coverage of this fixture between Mumbai Indians Women and UP Warriorz. A lot is at stake for UP as it is a must-win match for the team. Meanwhile, Mumbai Indians will look to continue their dominance in WPL.