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IND vs AUS, Live Blog: 1st ODI - Tweets, Videos and More


Jadeja-Rahul (Source: AP Newsroom)

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Ravindra Jadeja has been announced player of the match with his mind-blowing spell of 2/46 and 45* runs under hard-core pressure. He has been the rockstar for the side since the past decade and this innings demonstrates why.

India won by 5 wickets

Interesting Fact: This is India's first win at Wankhede since 2011 against England as they were beaten in all three of their encounters.

8:40 PM IST | What a great game of cricket, we witnessed today at Wankhede. India were under tremendous pressure at the start of their innings but these two were resilient today. And special mention, the partnership between them was 108, and this demonstrated what should be the approach in this situation. Bowling was lethal from the home side with Shami, Siraj breathing fire whereas Jadeja was pitching it at the right place.

6 were needed and then, Jadeja struck two boundaries in an over to seal the first ODI for India at Wankhede. Starc was with the ball  who had an excellent day today. Moreover, it has been an astounding partnership between the duo. They have pulled a tricky chase from a difficult position valiantly.

8:30 PM IST |  India continuing the stronghold on the match. It's going good for the home team now. Just 8 needed off 11 Overs. Should close within 1-2 overs.

P.S: Inhouse banters 😉 from OneCricket for a KL Rahul fanboy 👇🏻

EQUATION: 22 required off 84 balls

Rahul has gone berserk in the last one over!!! Two fours and a six from the starman!! He turning the game for India now. He is on fire now. This has changed the game now for sure.

50 for KL Rahul!

Back of a length delivery at the middle stick. The batter waits and turns across the line to right of mid-on for a single. This brings up the fifty for Rahul. A gritty knock from the batter. He came in a situation where a partnership was the desperate need of the hour and Rahul delivered when it mattered the most.

50 partnership between Rahul and Jadeja here. Wonderful to see them score runs when needed the most. Just so calm.

7:54 PM IST | Game very much in India's control until they throw away a wicket here. Few more runs and they would starting feeling on top of it.

Welcome boundary for India. Jadeja finds the gap through the off-side. Smashes through the gates. Back of a length angling across the southpaw outside the off. The width was on offer and Jadeja hammers it between covers and point for a four this time. Nicely dealt by Jadeja who times the bones out of it.

Double change in the bowling. Seamers operating on either ends. Cam Green comes back into the attack.

Shot that from Rahul!! Now that is something I would love to watch of repeat. It was full from Starc and Rahul drove it down the ground with ease. Such a classy player when he is in touch!

Here is Glenn Maxwell. He will bowl to his matchup Jadeja....

EQUATION: 83 Runs off 24 Overs

Arnav: Match getting tighter here. It will go down to the wire, I tell you. It's just starting to tense up here.

7:19 PM IST | Few Quiet overs but that doesn't matter because India have breached the 100-run mark here. Rahul and Jadeja trying their best to sail the Indian ship here. They have bat until the home side reaches 150.

Arnav: The trouble is increasing for India on every time they lose a wicket. Require Rate not an issue here, wickets are. This pair needs to ensure that they stay till the end now, otherwise chances of winning this game looks bleak.

Ravindra Jadeja is at crease...

India after 20 Overs, 83/5

No way! The moment I said it! Hardik Pandya is gone as he hooks a shorter delivery straight into the hands of backward square leg. Stoinis is brilliant today with the ball. That's his second and at what time!!!

Arnav: India need to keep doing what they have doing for the past few overs. Keep the wickets intact.

NO-BALL: Stoinis has overstepped here. A free hit is on the cards. And Pandya couldn't provide the right treatment!

SIXXXX!!!!! There are no half-measures when it is Hardik Pandya! Short and wide outside the off. Pandya stands tall and slashes hard at it. Cuts it uppishly and it sails over the head of the deep third-man fielder for a six. He never ever intended to keep it down and uses the pace on offer to smash it over the fence.

6:42 PM IST | India setting a nice tempo here. Skipper Pandya and Rahul doing the right thing here. They are finding boundaries here and there.

50 up for India with this!!

FOURRRR!!! Back of a length delivery outside the off. Rahul is on the back foot cutting it hard through the backward point region for a boundary. No chance for any fielders to stop it.

Arnav: Rohit Bhai kahan ho? Mazak nahi raha ab yeh!!

Skipper Hardik Pandya walks in...

INDIA: 39/4 after 10.2

Another one bites the dust and India are in all sorts of trouble here in Mumbai. Fuller-length delivery outside the off. Gill strides forward and square drives aerially to the left of the point fielder. Labuschagne there dives away and plucks it of the thin air.

Akshaya: Kannur Lokesh Rahul! He doesn't see whether Starc is on a hattrick or not; smashes it.

KL Rahul walks in drives one beautifully through the off-side. That is the Rahul we know. It was pitched up and he made full use of it!!

India Review: Gill was given LBW against Sean Abbott! Reviewed and as luck would have had it, the ball is missing the stumps. Height is the factor! Hmmm... Hope, it's his day today!!!

Arnav: There's much more in the track than what we know about!! What say Akshaya?

Again!! Again!! It's STARC!! What's happening? Mitchell Starc is unplayable!! They cannot play him and No marks for guessing that he is a left-arm pacer. Suryakumar Yadav also trapped in front. Someone please tell what's in the wicket?

Goooooneeee!!! KOHLI IS GONE!! Can't believe that!! Kohli found in front of the stumps against a Mitchell Starc thunderbolt. He's on fire. Too good from the left-armer. India stunned by the class of Starc. 

Classic Kohli!! That's driven straight down the ground from the King! What a way to get off the mark and that too against Starc. 

5:32 PM IST | There's swing in Wankhede and the ball beats the bat on some occasions. Interesting battle going on.🔥

Arnav: Bang on Akshaya..... Stoinis does the business with the new ball. 

India 5/1 and Virat Kohli walks in at 3....

That was straight on Kishan's pads! Given OUT, Reviewed but of no use. No inside edge and that's crashing on stumps. Kishan is gone.!! Stoinis is the bowler, as mentioned he can swing it early on!

Akshaya: Arnav, why Stoinis over Abbott with the new ball? Finch on air reckons Stoinis swings more than Abbott.

Arnav: Starc could be potent here with the new ball. India needs to see him out.

5:15 PM IST | We're all set now! Shubman Gill and Ishan Kishan walk out to open for India. Mitchell Starc with the new ball for Australia.

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INDIA need 189 to win in 50 Overs

4:32 PM IST | The Aussies must be highly disappointed as the 300 was surely on the cards but some irresponsible batting and excellent bowling from the Indian side were the reasons. 189 is what India needs, surely won't be a tough job unless Aussies turn up with something extraordinary today with the ball. And don't go by the track, it doesn't have any demons whatsoever.

188 AND It's OVER!! Australia bowled out for a meagre total after a strong start. Adam Zampa nicks one back to the keeper. It was back of a length and outside the off. The story of the day as Australia have thrown their wickets like this one.

Caught!! SHUBMAN GILL! He takes a low catch at slip! And the stare. Sean Abbott goes. Australia loses ninth. India all over the Kangaroos. Not even 200 touched and the games looks all but over. And I forgot to tell, It's Miya with the ball as he gets his second.

What!!!??? They are falling like a pack of cards now. It's the Big Show Glenn Maxwell losing his wicket with a rash shot against Jadeja who bags his second. That was pitched up, and classic Jadeja length here. Eight down. Maybe that's the lapse in concentration.

Shami, Shami!! The entire Wankhede stadium is chanting that name. Finally, Gill redeems himself as he catches Stoinis at the first slip. Out-seamer from him, slight nibble and Stoinis looks to execute the backfoot punch. Eventually, he gets the outside edge. Seam bowling of the highest class from India's supremely talent pacer.

Arjun: Shami is fuming here as Shubman Gill drops Stoinis on first ball. Everything is here at Wankhede. This is Gill's second drop of the day.

Dream delivery from the dream bowler. Shami is breathing fire here in Mumbai. Perfect delivery results in a dreamy wicket as Shami takes Cam Green. A proper nut from the speedster that angles in and straightens on the off-stump line. Green gets beaten comprehensively on the outside edge and sees his off-stump going for a journey.

Wow. Wow. Wowwwwww!!!!

But Shami has the last laugh, Inglis inside edges it onto the woods. The keeper-batter has to walk back to hut after an impressive 27-ball 26. The batter survived a close caught-behind on the last ball, but this time he's gone. He went to cut the ball, away from his body, but he inside edges it onto the sticks.

Arjun: Shami returns back for his second spell of the match. The plan was brilliant. The seamer tried setting up Josh Inglis here. He started off with a very full delivery, followed by a couple of change-ups, before notching a deadly bouncer towards Inglis' helmet. The batter got uncomfortable for a bit, but he somehow mistimed the pull for a maximum. 

Dropped!! That was a tough chance at slip for Shubman Gill. Green is saved. He tried to drive it but could only manage the edge.

3:34 PM IST | India now crawling back into the game after a fierce start from the visitors. They have been good with the spinners. Need another two to outrightly dominate the Aussies!

150 up for Australia in the 25th Over!

Debashish: Absolutely, you can.

Arnav: I'll count that as Jadeja's wicket Deb!! 😉

Caught by the bird!! No, it's a plane!! Noo, It's Ravindra Jadeja. Takes a sharp catch at backward point while diving sideways. Kuldeep gets his first and guess who has to go? The Marnus Labuschagne.

Australia: 129/3 after 20 Overs

Arnav: 1 for Jadeja, Deb! 1-2 more wickets coming from the left-hander!🤞🏻

Jadeja Strikes!!! It's Marsh who has to go back for a well made 81. Was controlling the game so good but falls short of his second ODI hundred. Huge wicket for India.

He's demolishing the bowling attack! Another four and six from Marsh. So easy for him now. Or he just make it looks easy.

That's an outstanding shot. Running short of adjectives here. 50th Six for Mitchell Marsh in ODIs. He is on the move now.

Akshaya: No Arnav. This is the traditional Wankhede surface.

Another four and 100 up for Australia!!!

50 for Mitchell Marsh!

Fourrr!! And Marsh gets to his fifty. Thundering knock from the Western Australian guy. He has batted with grit and written the statement on paper.

Arnav: Today's pitch looks a little more gripping than what we expect from Wakhede tbh.

Debashish: Because he is a defensive bowler and Wankhede won't offer that much assistance to him.

Arnav: Nice to see someone countering me here. Why so Deb?

Debashish: I think Jadeja will get at one wicket at max.

Arnav: I feel Jadeja will pick two to three wickets today. He has got the ball to land in right areas atleast for now!

Arnav: Good to see Australia going for above 300 here. Surely, they are going for it. And by any chance they are not, winning this game would be out of equation.

Australia: 78/2 after 13 Overs

Cricket Australia: “David (Warner) is coming along nicely and a few more days of rehabilitation will be extremely beneficial. We expect him to play games two and three.”

Second Time Unlucky. Smith is gone. Big edge and caught brilliantly by KL Rahul, the keeper. This was outside off and Smith chased it! Fell for the trap! Captain Pandya gets the big fish.

Review: Smith was given out LBW here against Thakur. Takes the review immediately and is overturned as a massive inside edge is discovered on the screen. He gets the life.

No stopping Marsh there, he just tonked it over for a massive six. This was another classy shot as he just picked it up with ease.

10 Overs Done, Australia 59/1

What a Shot!! Mitchell Marsh! That's already the shot of the day. It was full from Thakur and Marsh just played with straight bat over long-on's head! Wonderful to see that.

Arnav: Nice One! I totally agree with you here.

Probuddha: Once Rohit comes back, Ishan Kishan loses his place in the team. So, they are trying to stick to an option who might be doing the job during the WC 2023 in KL.

Arnav: What's cooking with India's wicketkeeping options Prodbuddha? What is the management thinking?

50 up for Australia!!

Hardik Pandya loses his cool as someone wandering around the sightscreen causes him to stop mid run-up!

Arnav: The Legend has it that Smith wakes up from his sleep and scores runs against India!!

Thaliava in the house!!

Flurry of Boundaries here by Marsh against Siraj. Three in the over. He looks set for a big score. Surely, some intent from the all-rounder.

PS: Fanboy me- Yess Please!!!👇🏻

Bowled Him!!! Travis Head is gone!! Mohammed Siraj with a genuinely good delivery. That was on the good length and Head could only play it back onto his stumps. The Number 1 ODI bowler maintaining his streak 🔥. And of course, does the iconic Siuuuu celebration.

Arnav: Interesting to Mitchell Marsh opening for Australia. Haven't seen that very often. He could sure be an outstanding option if he stays in the middle for longer.

1:30 PM IST | We're seconds away from the first ball. Travis Head and Mitchell Marsh to open the batting for Australia. Mohammed Shami with the ball for India.

1:18 PM IST | With temperature around 31 degree celsius, it would be pretty much hard work for the side bowling first but it would have its own perks as batting second on this track wouldn't too difficult as usual.

Big Update: David Warner is unfit for this game whereas Alex Carey has been ruled out of this entire series because of being sick.

Playing XIs

India: Shubman Gill, Ishan Kishan, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, KL Rahul (wk), Hardik Pandya (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami.

Australia: Travis Head, Mitchell Marsh, Steven Smith(c), Marnus Labuschagne, Josh Inglis(w), Cameron Green, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Sean Abbott, Mitchell Starc and Adam Zampa.

Arnav: No brainer when it comes to the decision. Wankhede has shorter boundaries and it gets easier to chase here as the day progresses. 

INDIA have won the toss and they have elected to bowl first!

12:59 PM IST | Both captains out in the centre. Hardik Pandya and Aaron Finch with Ravi Shastri in Wankhede for the all important toss. 

Alright, We're all set for the toss!!

Probable XIs

INDIA: Shubman Gill, Ishan Kishan (wk), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammad Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal/ Kuldeep Yadav

AUSTRALIA: Travis Head, David Warner, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith (c), Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey (wk), Cameron Green, Ashton Agar, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Nathan Ellis

Team News

  1. India will be without the services of Rohit Sharma in their particular fixture, meaning Hardik Pandya will be wearing the captain's hat in the first ODI in Mumbai. Ishan Kishan will be playing as an opener, filling in Rohit's spot.
  2. Pat Cummins, after a tragedy in his family, has decided to not come back to India. Steve Smith, who captained Australia in the last two Tests, will be leading the visitors in the ODI leg.
  3. After sustaining a back injury in the Ahmedabad Test, Shreyas Iyer will also be an absentee in the ODIs.
  4. Australia's one of the most successful openers, David Warner, has returned to India to strengthen the Australian ODI lineup. 

Hello and welcome to OneCricket's Live Blog of the first ODI between India and Australia - live from Mumbai. After a cracking Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2023 (where obviously the better team won), both teams have changed their outfits from whites to coloured uniforms for this three-match ODI fold.