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165-4 20.0

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167-0 9.4

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 10 wickets

IPL 2024, SRH Vs LSG Match Highlights: Head-Abhishek Make Lucknow's Mockery; Chase 166 Runs In 9.4 Overs

SRH vs LSG Live Blog for IPL 2024 (OneCricket)SRH vs LSG Live Blog for IPL 2024 (OneCricket)

22:56 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG: Goodbye

Well, so that's all from our side and it was really entertaining to share the live updates with you guys! I enjoyed a lot and I hope you also did. 

This is time for a good bye but don't worry, we will be back for another live blog. Till then, Good bye, take care!

22:54 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Player of the Match: Travis Head

Was there even any doubt? Travis Head is the Player of the Match for his crazy knock of 89 runs off 30 deliveries.

22:14 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Head-Abhishek make mockery

SIX RUNS! AND ITS ALL OVER, Abhishek Sharma hits the winning runs. Sunrisers Hyderabad have chased down the total of 166 runs within 9.4 overs. What a crazy second innings was that???? The pair of Travis Head and Abhishek Sharma has ensured they move to number 3 in the points table with one of the greatest 10-wicket wins in the history of the league.

22:09 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: 150 up for SRH in NO TIME

150 up for SRH in the 9th over! LSG didn't even hit the team 50 mark at this stage. Naveen will a happy man after this over. He has bowled four deliveries in this over, where SRH didn't score a glory shot. They need 9 runs to win.

22:05 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Bishnoi struggles against Head 

19 runs from the 7th over. And they begin the over with another boundary. Even Bishnoi is struggling against the SRH opening duo. Into the second-tier!!! 104 meter maximum, Head is on a roll. He's heading for that three-figure mark. Abhishek Sharma tells Travis Head - whatever you can do, I can do better. Another crowd-catcher and SRH are within touching distance of this target. 17 runs off this Bishnoi over.


22:02 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Fifty for Abhishek Sharma now

After three off innings, Abhishek Sharma is back and how. Tonks a maximum downtown to complete a 19-delivery half-century. Excellent half century from Abhishek Sharma! 

22:01 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Head turning heads

End of powerplay? No worries. Head would still throw it in stands. Badoni starts with a short delivery, Head rocks back and pulls it powerfully over the mid wicket fence for a six. Sails 85 m.

21:56 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: 100 runs for SRH

Leave out 100, Abhishek Sharma and Travis Head are batting on a different planet this season. After two boundaries and a biggie earlier in the over, the uncapped Indian batter smoked another sixer to sum up the over. 107 runs coming off the powerplay, SRH need a paltry of 59 runs in 84 balls. 

21:54 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Are they playing a video game

Abhishek Sharma gets his turn now. Makes some room against Thakur as he opens his bat face to squeeze it past point for a boundary. NOW, DEEP INTO THE STANDS. SIX MORE. Hooked away for a biggie. Straight drives this time, SRH get to 100 already in 5.5 overs.

21:51 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: 16-ball 50 for Head and he's not stopping

4, 4, 6, 4, 4 - Travis Head hits a fifty off just 16 balls. Where do you bowl to this guy? Unreal hitting from the Australian. His SRH teammates rise to applaud this blazing knock. Celebrates the milestone with back-to-back fours as he completes 500 runs this season. 

21:46 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: DROPPED!!

What have you done.... DROPPED!! Yash Thakur at short third man running to his right gets his hand on the ball. Should have taken this. Got a good grasp of the ball.

21:44 (IST) May 08

These two are absolutely tearing it up out there.

21:42 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: 6,4,6,6

He just took K Gowtham to the cleaners, smashing 22 runs off his over! 😱 Looks like the off-spinner is feeling the heat too, as Travis is not holding back one bit. 

21:40 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: SIX!!! 🚀

Travis Head just smashed a massive SIX! He's sticking to his game plan, going hard and swinging around the wicket. The bowler tossed it full and wide, but Travis wasn't having any of it. 

He danced down the track and sent that ball soaring over the mid off fence, a whopping 83 meters long hit! Talk about some serious power play! 

21:36 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Outstanding batting from Abhishek

Slogs and times Yash Thakur for bag to bag boundaries. Abhishek Sharma is on fire in the chase against pace. Make it three in a row. 

21:35 (IST) May 08

Yash Thakur will share the new ball from the other end.

21:33 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Chase is on

Head gets going. He swivels around and pulls it nicely down to deep backward square leg for a boundary. 8 runs off the opening over. The Sunrisers Hyderabad are up and running straightaway in the chase. 

21:29 (IST) May 08

We are back with the chase. Spin to start, K Gowtham has the ball in hand.

21:10 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Pooran takes Lucknow to a fighting total

4-2-4-4!! Pooran provides finishing touch to LSG's innings on a tough track. Thanks to Nicky P and Ayush Badoni, LSG have posted a fighting total here. They were going nowhere at the halfway stage of their innings but a brilliant unbeaten partnership of 99 between Nicholas Pooran and Ayush Badoni has helped them get to a respectable total on a tricky surface. The Sunrisers Hyderabad will have to bat extremely well to chase down this total.

21:08 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: What was that hit?

It's Badoni's day today. It's his universe and we are merely lively in it. Cummins misses the yorker and ends up with a full toss. Badoni gets in position early to play the switch hit. Takes it on the full and hits between short third man and backward point.

21:08 (IST) May 08

Abhishek Sharma comes in as an Impact Player, replaces Natarajan

21:06 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: 50 for Badoni

Ayush Badoni brings up his fifty off just 28 balls. And celebrates the milestone with another boundary. A pivotal knock from the young bloke under pressure as LSG were struggling when the right-handed batter came out to bat. Today was an off-day for Nattu, he goes wicketless and concedes 50 runs in his four overs.

21:03 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: It's Ayush Badoni yet again

After a quieter over from Bhuvi, the LSG batters have started to cut loose against T Natarajan. It's Ayush Badoni yet again. Boundary, brace and another boundary. The best of the lot was him stepping down to smash a drive past covers.

20:56 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Fearless Badoni

Fearless Badoni!!! Ayush Badoni steps down the track to Natarajan and he sweeps him for a boundary past square leg. And again, the left-armer bowlers a short cutter, Badoni waits for it as he late cuts him for a boundary. 14 runs off the over. 

20:54 (IST) May 08

Arjun: Did Hayden just say that? He just said my jeans weigh more than Ayush Badoni on air 🤣🤣🤣

20:49 (IST) May 08

Birthday boy Cummins returns for a spell. 10 runs off his 3rd over after Nicky Pooran tonks a boundary after Cummins failed to nail a leg-stump yorker.

20:43 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Nicky P gets going...

Never feed spin to Pooran, he will always bash you. Whacked over square leg for a six. Drops it short, Pooran gets on the backfoot and pulls in the air. Launches it to clear the square leg boundary. Badoni in the smashing zone now. Sits on a knee and swivels across the line pulling it towards the vacant square leg boundary.

20:37 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Three Boundaries In An Over🔥

Lucky Boundaries!!! Badoni smashes T Natarajan for 17 runs. 

20:34 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Pooran- Badoni doing rebuilding job

Currently LSG at 72 and they need to save the sinking ship....

20:27 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Direct Hit By Cummins 🔥

Wow, what a moment! Cummins showing off his fielding skills and Krunal Pandya has to walk back after a decent knock. Looks like SRH is really on their game today. This match is shaping up to be quite the thriller!

Badoni strides out to bat next at number 6.

20:26 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Stunning Catch! Must Watch 

20:21 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: KL Rahul Departs! 🚨🚨

Birthday boy Cummins comes through with a gift for his team, getting rid of KL Rahul just when the Sunrisers Hyderabad needed a breakthrough. 

Cummins delivers a sneaky 136.3 kmph length ball angling in on the pads, tempting Rahul to flick it to the leg side. 

But alas, Rahul fails to connect cleanly, sending the ball flying towards fine leg. And who's there to save the day? Natarajan, stationed out on the boundary.

20:18 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Finally A Boundary! 🤝

Rahul just sent Cummins packing with a sweet boundary. That's what we've been waiting for! 

20:15 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score:  Facts Time!!

Least balls to 1000 sixes in an IPL edition:

13079 in IPL 2024

15390 in IPL 2023

16269 in IPL 2022

20:08 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: What was that hit by Krunal!?

More power and less elegance on that stroke. Krunal had all the time in the world to hit the ball anywhere he liked. Flat batted down the ground for a six. And another one from Krunal's blade as IPL 2024 completes 1000 sixes. 

20:05 (IST) May 08

Impressive first-ever IPL over from Vijayakanth Viyaskanth. Just three singles off his first over on debut.

20:04 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Lucknow need to move on, fast

End of the powerplay. Brilliant start from the Sunrisers Hyderabad with the ball. They have bowled outstandingly so far and have kept a check on the scoring rate of the Lucknow Super Giants who are 27/2 at the end of the first six overs. This is their lowest score at the end of the powerplay this season.

19:56 (IST) May 08

In walks Krunal Pandya to the middle in at number 4.

19:54 (IST) May 08

Arjun: After winning the toss, Lucknow opted to bat first. However, they have had a very slow start to their innings, losing De Kock and Stoinis early in the powerplay.

19:54 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Stoinis has to walk back

Bhuvi strikes again and this time removes Stoinis. Good catch by Sanveer Singh inside the ring. The third umpire has been summoned to check the catch. Fingers are underneath, fair catch. OUT loads on the big screen. Bhuvneshwar removing the 2 danger men!

19:49 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Massive shout, KL's OUT!

A loud appeal for lbw and the finger goes UP! But there's a big part of glove on it. KL Rahul survives. The batter tried sweeping Shahbaz but missed a flighted delivery. Ultra-Edge indicates a clear spike when the ball is next to the gloves. The decision will be reversed and Rahul survives. 

19:46 (IST) May 08

First sign of spin. Shahbaz Ahmed into the attack. LSG is at 15/1 after first three overs, they need to get going quickly.

19:44 (IST) May 08

Marcus Stoinis joins his LSG skipper in the middle.

19:40 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: QDK falls

WHATTA CATCHH!!!! Absolutely brilliant from Nitish Kumar Reddy. Excellent game awareness from him. Knew exactly where the rope was. Grabs it with a jump. Throws it up in the air just as he was losing the balance. Comes back into the field and completes the catch. QDK went with his trademark pull, but Nitish Reddy came in between to plucks stunner at the edge of the boundary rope.

19:39 (IST) May 08

Arjun: Just 10 runs coming off Cummins' first over. Two quite overs for LSG. The batting side will look to take the charge soon. And I have cursed it, again. 

19:37 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Shot, captain

Klassy as ever!!! Rahul presses forward and executes the inside out perfectly, with the ball flying over deep extra cover for a biggie. Just KL Rahul things...

19:32 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG: Massive appeal against QDK

A loud appeal for caught behind but the umpire is unmoved. That's a peach of a delivery from the Indian pacer. De Kock is cramped for room and is cut in two halves. The ball beats the inside edge of the bat and probably clips the pads on its way to the keeper. 

19:30 (IST) May 08

In enters the players. KLR and QDK to open for LSG as Bhuvneshwar Kumar is all set to bowl the first ball.

19:25 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: So elegant, so beautiful 🤌 🤌

19:10 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Impact Substitutes

Lucknow Super Giants: Devdutt Padikkal, Yudhvir Singh Charak, Amit Mishra, Manimaran Siddharth, Ashton Turner

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Glenn Phillips, Mayank Agarwal, Abhishek Sharma, Washington Sundar, Umran Malik

19:07 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Playing XIs

Lucknow Super Giants Playing XI: Lokesh Rahul (c & wk), Quinton de Kock, Marcus Stoinis, Nicholas Pooran, Ayush Badoni, Deepak Hooda, Krunal Pandya, Krishnappa Gowtham, Ravi Bishnoi, Naveen-ul-Haq, Yash Ravisingh Thakur

Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI: Travis Head, Nitish Kumar Reddy, Heinrich Klaasen (wk), Abdul Samad, Shahbaz Ahmed, Sanvir Singh, Pat Cummins (c), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jaydev Unadkat, Vijayakanth Viyaskanth, T Natarajan

19:03 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Team News

LSG: QUINTON DE KOCK IS BACK!! Krishnappa Gowtham also gets a game.

SRH: Vijayakanth Viyaskanth, the leg spinner from Sri Lanka is all set to make his debut for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

19:00 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Toss time!

LSG has won the toss and KL Rahul decides to bat first in Hyderabad.

18:52 (IST) May 08

Arjun: Matthew Hayden, during pitch report, said today's pitch at Hyderabad seems to be a record-breaking pitch. This is the same pitch where SRH smashed 277 runs against MI, earlier this season. Will the Sunrisers bat first yet?

18:49 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG: Team News

Lucknow Super Giants: Justin Langer confirmed that young pacer Mayank Yadav won’t take further part in this year’s IPL.

LSG suffered another injury blow in their previous game as left-arm pacer Mohsin Khan landed awkwardly on his head while fielding and had to be substituted out of the match.

Lucknow could go with Arshin Kulkarni or Yash Thakur as their Impact Sub.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Jaydev Unadkat (if batting first) and Sanvir Singh (if bowling first) could be their Impact Sub options

18:41 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: H2H Record in IPL

3 - Matches Played

3 - Lucknow Super Giants Won

18:39 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG Live Score: Pitch Update! 

Well, the surface at the Rajiv Gandhi stadium will have minimal assistance for the new ball bowlers. 

However, the seamers can make the batters' lives tough by hitting the deck hard. There could be some assistance for the spinners as well. Overall it will be a good batting deck, promising a high-scoring affair. 

18:32 (IST) May 08

SRH vs LSG: No Rain, Folks! Hyderabad Is Cricket Ready!

18:13 (IST) May 08

SRH Vs LSG Live Score: Preview

Sunrisers Hyderabad would be keen to get back to winning ways when they host Lucknow Super Giants, who are also in a similar position on the points table (12 points after 11 matches).

SRH suffered a seven-wicket defeat in Mumbai where they failed to put a big total on the board. LSG, on the other hand, were humbled by Kolkata Knight Riders in their previous fixture. 

With both teams tied at 12 points after 11 matches, a loss here could affect their chances of making it to the playoffs.

18:05 (IST) May 08

Hello and welcome to OneCricket's Live Blog for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 clash between Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), scheduled for Wednesday evening at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium.