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[Watch] MS Dhoni Recreates John Abraham's 'Dhoom' Swag With His Yamaha R1-Z Bike Ride

MS Dhoni riding a bike (X.com)MS Dhoni riding a bike (X.com)

MS Dhoni and his love for bikes is well known-around the cricketing world and his collection of bikes over the years has caught the attention of cricket fans around the world. There are numerous videos of him riding bikes over the years, and now again a video has gone viral on social media where MS Dhoni is seen riding a white Yamaha R1-Z bike.

He is wearing a yellow helmet and black T-Shirt and waves his hand when he sees the person shooting a video. MS Dhoni's collection of bikes include Harley Davidson, Kawasaki Ninja to name a few and the man just seem to be ageing like a fine wine with new hairstyles and bikes grabbing the attention of fans every now and then.

Watch MS Dhoni Riding Yamaha R1-Z 

The former Indian captain was last seen playing cricket in IPL 2024 where he turned back the clock with some vintage knocks, and though the chances of him playing the next season are slim, he has still not announced his retirement.

As far as international cricket goes, he played his last game in the World Cup 2019 semifinal against New Zealand, and since then, he has concentrated all his energies on CSK.