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[Watch] Kohli Makes Jadeja 'Wave' At 'Viral Tree Guy' In Victory Parade; Exclusive Camera Footage Out

Tree Guy From Victory Parade - ( X.com )Tree Guy From Victory Parade - ( X.com )

On Thursday, July 4, World Champions India held an open bus parade from Marine Drive to Wankhede Stadium, which was attended by lakhs of people and almost resulted in a stampede-like situation. 

The fans could hardly breathe, and the area was jam-packed to get a glimpse of their favourite stars, who were shocked to see the huge number of fans who turned up to watch them. 

Meanwhile, one fan stole the limelight as he had climbed a tree risking his life to get a close view of the Indian team. However, the guy's effort did not go to waste as the internet noticed him alongside the players, and a video went viral where Virat Kohli spotted him and also made Rohit notice the viral tree guy.

In the latest events, the tree guy has released the much-awaited footage from his camera. In the video, he gets a special wave from Virat Kohli, who also makes Ravindra Jadeja notice him. 

Watch: Viral Tree Guy Releases Footage

Notably, the aftermath of India's victory parade turned a fraction bit nasty as a few fans complained of breathlessness and also fainted because of claustrophobia. A video also went viral showing a sea of 'Lost Slippers' cover the Marine Drive.