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[Watch] Kohli Hugs 'Idol' Sachin Tendulkar In A Touching Moment After MI Vs RCB Clash

Kohli also shared a light-hearted moment with Hardik Pandya [AP]
Kohli also shared a light-hearted moment with Hardik Pandya [AP]

After a one-sided match where Mumbai ruthlessly defeated RCB, Virat Kohli approached Sachin Tendulkar during the post-game handshakes. Kohli, who has idolized Tendulkar throughout his life, shared a heartfelt hug with his idol.

Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar are two of the greatest batsmen in modern cricket. While both legends of the game hold each other in high regard, Kohli's admiration for Tendulkar goes beyond mere respect. 

Kohli is an ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Whenever the opportunity arises, Kohli eagerly engages in cricket discussions with Tendulkar, considering him the most intelligent and passionate cricketer he knows.

Watch Kohli hugs Sachin

RCB legend Virat Kohli shared a warm embrace with Sachin Tendulkar post game, who serves as a mentor to the Mumbai Indians team. The two cricketing icons also exchanged a few words during their interaction.

Why Sachin & Kohli are the face of Indian Cricket

India recently celebrated the 13th anniversary of its World Cup win, and one of the most iconic images etched in the minds of Indian fans is that of Kohli lifting Sachin Tendulkar onto his shoulders in celebration. This picture encapsulates the essence of Indian cricket over the past three decades, symbolizing two legendary cricketers who carried the hopes and aspirations of Indian cricket in two different eras.

Even in retirement, Sachin Tendulkar continues to command immense respect from fans and fellow cricketers alike for his invaluable contributions to the team. Similarly, Virat Kohli, who is now in the latter phase of his legendary career, is also revered and respected for his remarkable achievements.