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[Watch] 'Babar Azam Blasted On Iftikhar Ahmed,' PAK Journalist Reveals Dressing Room Secrets After Loss To USA

Babar Azam blasted at Iftikhar Ahmed in post-match drama (x.com)Babar Azam blasted at Iftikhar Ahmed in post-match drama (x.com)

On Thursday, Pakistan lost their tournament opener to USA, a team that did not have a big reputation when it comes to international cricket, up until that very moment. Their historic win, unleashed a series of 'events' in the Pakistani dressing room that has come into the public eye.

As per reports by a Pakistani journalist, Babar Azam angrily shouted at Iftikhar Ahmed post match due to his carelessness during the game. 

He explained that, when the game started, Babar instructed Iftikhar Ahmed to stand near the first slip, a little while later as he returned to the field and inquired about how the team conceded a boundary, the team informed that it was from the area where the veteran batter was standing. 

This got him really furious and in the post match meeting he apparently shouted at him and said that the players should be standing wherever they are instructed to.

Moreover as we saw during the game, Shaheen Afridi got furious at Iftikhar Ahmed when he was standing at the wide slip and the ball went past him and he did not make an effort to grab it and kept on looking at Mohd. Rizwan. 

This was apparently the same incident that resulted in their outburst in the dressing room post match.

Watch: Frustrated Shaheen's Death Stare To Iftikhar Ahmed

As Pakistan failed to take wickets with the newer ball, Shaheen did not resist himself from giving a death stare to Iftikhar. Later in that game, the Men in Green faced its most embarrassing defeat in the T20I history by the hands of minnows USA.

Now, a crumbling Babar Azam-led side will face a high-flying Indian unit in New York on Sunday.