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PCB Comes Up With Bizarre Request to ICC To Change Their Venues For World Cup Matches

image-lj5av6ysPakistan Cricket Team | Source - Twitter

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has reportedly made a formal request to the International Cricket Council (ICC) to change the venue for two of their matches in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup. In the scheduled ODI World Cup, which is planned to take place in India, Pakistan is seeking to swap their designated venues for the matches against Australia and Afghanistan.

As per the current draft, Pakistan are slated to face Afghanistan in Chennai on October 23rd, while their match against Australia is scheduled to be held in Bengaluru on October 20th. However, they are keen on reversing the venues, with the desire to play Australia in Chennai and face Afghanistan in Bengaluru. 

The rationale behind this request lies in the analysis suggesting that such a venue swap would position Pakistan as favourites against both teams, considering their strong performance across all cricketing aspects.

Internal communication from the PCB has outlined their intentions, expressing the belief that this venue change could prove advantageous for the team's prospects in the matches.

"Australia in Bengaluru and Afghanistan in Chennai are the two which we should look to get changed as much as possible," the PCB's internal note said. "Ideally, we can switch these around. Australia in Chennai and Afghanistan in Bengaluru would make us obvious favourites in both matches."

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the response of the ICC to the PCB request. It remains uncertain whether the ICC will consider or grant any of the requested venue changes put forth by the Pakistan Board. It is worth mentioning that the PCB has additionally urged the ICC to replace Afghanistan with one of the following teams, namely South Africa, New Zealand, England, or Australia, in the warm-up matches.

When will be the final schedule released?

Amidst the ICC Qualifiers happening in Zimbabwe, the Indian Cricket Board is planning to release the schedule for the event on 27th June.