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'Loud Environment' - De Kock's Wife Adds Twist To Ekana's Unreal Craze For MS Dhoni

De Kock's Wife Adds Twist To Ekana's Unreal Craze For MS Dhoni (X.com)De Kock's Wife Adds Twist To Ekana's Unreal Craze For MS Dhoni (X.com)

CSK ex-captain and fan favourite MS Dhoni entertained the fans at Ekana stadium with his astounding batting prowess against LSG, leaving the crowd up on their feet as the sound meter surpassed all limits.

In an interesting IPL 2024 season clash against LSG, CSK faced early jitters with two crucial wickets in the powerplay. Jadeja stepped up to anchor the innings with a hard-fought fifty. 

However, cult hero MS Dhoni completely stole the show with an ionic finish. Moeen Ali’s wicket against the run of play paved the way for MS Dhoni at No. 7.

Dhoni took off from ball one to smoke vintage powerful sixes on the trot, leaving LSG bowlers in disarray. The former captain finished with a 9-ball 28-run knock to not only guide CSK to a competitive total but also leave the crowd amazed with his remarkable hitting display.

That being said, as MS Dhoni took center stage at the Ekana Stadium, his every move was closely followed by the crowd, who eagerly anticipated another masterclass from the legendary cricketer.

As Dhoni unleashed his inner beast, the crowd went berserk and cheered his every shot at the top of their voices. 

LSG opener Quinton de Kock’s wife, Sasha de Kock, who witnessed the surreal moment closely, revealed on Instagram that during MS Dhoni’s special knock, the stadium sound level crossed the maximum limit and was measured at a peak of 95 decibels. 

The warning on her digital watch stated that 10 minutes in that environment could lead to temporary hearing loss.

Needless to say, the stunning atmosphere at Ekana Stadium was a testament to Dhoni's enduring popularity and influence in the cricketing world.