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ICC Promises 'Typical T20 Pitches' For World Cup 2024 Matches In New York

Good batting surface on offer in New York stadium for WC [X]Good batting surface on offer in New York stadium for WC [X]

Cricket fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the International Cricket Council (ICC) has allayed fears regarding the pitches at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024.

The ICC promises pitches with "good bounce, good pace, and value for shots," ensuring an exciting spectacle for fans.

"We designed the pitches to allow players to play shots all around the ground," says Damian Hough, head curator at the Adelaide Oval, assuring cricketing action that favours batters.

Despite the presence of spinners in the Indian team, Hough emphasizes minimal spin and seam, with the ball coming onto the bat.

Good batting tracks assured for World Cup matches in New York

The ICC's meticulous preparation involved crafting 10 pitches in Florida, which have been transported to New York for installation. Chris Tetley, ICC head of events, explains the necessity of drop-in pitches due to New York's climate constraints. 

However, he assures fans that the conditions in Florida were ideal for the project, ensuring the highest quality pitches.

"We're now focused on bedding in the pitches here in New York to ensure we're delivering an end product of the highest quality," Hough continues, expressing enthusiasm for the chance to present their skills to a worldwide audience.

The matches, scheduled to take place at the Nassau County stadium, will feature teams from around the world, including India and Pakistan in a highly anticipated clash on June 9.

With a total of eight T20 World Cup 2024 matches set to unfold in New York, cricket fans can anticipate thrilling encounters amidst the 34,000-seater stadium.