Probuddha Bhattacharjee ∙ Nov 26 2022, 10:30 PM | 2 Min Read

A bid of £400m to privatise The Hundred

image-laxvtkfvThe Hundred (Source: Twitter)

Cricket has a game has evolved and has picked up pace since the advent of the T20I format. As T20s became a hit, newer shorter and faster formats have been invented to add more excitement to the game, such as the T-10 format. 

English cricket came up with their new invention in The Hundred which is a hundred ball tournament with its own rules and regulations. The Hundred has already seen two massively popular and big hit seasons. These has brought the attention of private investors into the tournament. 

Bridgepoint Group to own 75% of  The Hundred

As per reports by Sky News, the governing body of The Hundred has been offered a whopping £400m to buy a controlling stake of the format by a London's buyout firm, the Bridgepoint Group. 

If the reports are to be believed the this will not be the first time that the private equity firm invests into an elite firm. They owned MotoGp for years and also InFront, a media rights agency that played a big part in the commercial development of Winter Olympics. 

A surge to the English domestic cricket set up

The Bridgepoint Group's investment into The Hundred will come with 'turbocharge investment' into English cricket. Special attention will be payed into further developing the domestic scenario of English cricket especially the Women's game. 

If at all the deal goes through it will be an interesting development as ECB has mostly taken the orthodox route in development of the game within the nation. Whether they accept the bid allow a revolutionary development of English cricket will be very interesting to keep an eye on as a cricket fan. 

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