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Brett Lee narrates incident when Rod Marsh foreshadowed Ricky Ponting's greatness 

image-l88fc5qzBrett Lee shone under Ricky Ponting [PC: Twitter]

There is no doubt over Ricky Ponting's credentials of being one of the best to play the sport. Ponting, who captained Australia to two World Cup trophies and one Champions Trophy title, amassed 27,483 international runs while smashing 71 tons in the process.

Former teammate Brett Lee, who enjoyed a terrific run under Ponting's leadership, talking on his own YouTube channel narrated an incident from Ponting's early days as a cricketer starting off in Australian circuit, which also involved the late Rodney Marsh.

 “When he burst onto the scene in 90s no one knew what was coming when they saw Ricky Ponting. I think back to the cricket academy; back at 94-95 I was down there and we had to do a thing under the guidance of Rod Marsh."

"We had to face 12 balls at a 160 kmph off the bowling machine in the cricket net. You can imagine guys like me who aren't great batsmen being petrified, facing the bowling machine at 160 kmph getting hit everywhere; in the head, in the helmet, in the arm."

Lee, further added how former wicketkeeper Marsh, foreshadowed Ponting's greatness in the future for the Baggy Greens. 

“Well the rumour is that when he (Ponting) went there in early 90s, he went there with a cap on. Rod Marsh said ‘what are you doing?’ He said ‘I’m batting'. 160 kmph he goes bang, hitting the ball in front of the square; did not miss one. And Rod Marsh back then who was a wonderful coach and a great selector and a great talent scout said straightaway ‘this guy will play a lot of cricket for Australia’."

Ponting, ended up playing 168 Tests, 375 ODIs, and 17 T20Is for Australia between 1995 and 2012.

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