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Behind the Click: When Virat hand moulded his destiny at Mohali 

image-l88ebdcoVirat Kohli engulfed with emotions after his heroic 82* innings vs Australia            

March 26, 2016 was the day. 

During the ICC World T20, the world witnessed a moment that pierced people's heart sitting miles away and even through the TV screens. It was a day when Virat Kohli embodied the definition of dedication and passion. With his heart on his sleeve and the weight of the world on his shoulders, Virat set out to twist fate and convince destiny to play by his word. 

The scenario 

In the group encounter of the tournament, India had its back against the wall. It was the team's last chance at securing a place in the semi-finals. 

Australia had set a target of 161 and India had lost both its openers with only 34 runs up on the scoreboard. Virat Kohli walking in at number 3 had a ginormous responsibility on his head. 

Virat Kohli: The persona 

A man who oozes passion. Virat Kohli stood at the crease with an aura so heavy, if carried by someone else they'd crush under the weight. His innings leaked raw and unbridled devotion. 

He started off the innings with supreme resolution. He reached his 50 in just 39 deliveries. Leaving India with 21 balls to score 45 runs.

Stepping out of the crease to toy with the Australian bowlers and hitting around the park. Running singles and doubles as if he had an infinite supply of air in his lungs. Watching the vice captain bat felt like witnessing a revolution, Kohli made batting look exceptionally effortless and natural; so much so that he started looking inhuman. 

When Kohli blazed Australian bowlers 

In the 18th over of the match, Kohli turned the screws of fate. He hit Faulkner for 16 runs in the over (4,4,6,2). India needed 20 runs in 12 balls to win the match. 

Virat Kohli being Virat Kohli hit Nathan Coulter-Nile for four 4s in the 19th over. The match had been brought down to the wire. India needed just 4 runs to win the match. 

The legendary batter was on the crease again, and in a moment so full of fervor and intensity, MS Dhoni hit a boundary on the first ball of the 20th over. 

The match was won and so were hearts. Indian fans slept a peaceful sleep that night. 

Once in a lifetime 

A feeling that you only get to witness once in a lifetime. An innings that had pulled spectators into a whole different world. It was like destiny had ceremoniously hand crafted the moment.  

After Dhoni hit the winning boundary, Kohli fell to his knees; he looked up from the ground tears swell in his eyes. In a moment so powerful but so intricate it had left a mark on every heart. You may have forgotten the details of how it all happened but you will never forget the way it made you feel. 

Emotions preserved through a picture. 

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