What if... there was no IPL?

image-l7ztpci8IPL 2022 trophy

It has been nearly a decade and a half since the illustrious, bigger than ever Indian Premier League was established. IPL created for itself a lasting legacy, one that others might only dream of. A legacy worth billions, overflowing with explosive cricket, glamour and an image 'tainted' and 'blight'. IPL took the world by storm, starting a wave of manufacturing franchise leagues in the cricket sphere, successfully monopolising and privatising cricket. 

But what if there was no IPL?

Home breeding players

IPL has played the biggest role in breeding emerging players. The league has long been a stage for the 'diamonds in the rough', paving the way for unrecognised domestic talent. Collaborated with the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI), IPL has provided the Indian board with an indispensable and a never-ending pot of gold. 

A creation of Lalit Modi, the local league was inspired by US based leagues like the NBA and the NFL, the biggest priority being - home breeding players. 

Ever since the inception of the IPL there has been a humungous rise in emerging domestic talent. The league has played a dire hand in creating world-class cricketers and creating a bench strength that no other cricketing nation can compete with. 

Domestic players that hadn't seen the back of their palm were suddenly bagging multi-million deals and rubbing shoulders with international stars. IPL has changed lives. 

If IPL hadn't existed, the BCCI wouldn't be sitting on top of an infinite realm of talent.

Revolutionising cricket 

IPL has had an enormous impact on revolutionising T20 cricket. Not that IPL alone is responsible for cricket's explosive transformation but it has bred batters who go out on the field to hit and hit alone. A batters' only chance at a glittery IPL auction is lighting fireworks on the crease. In an attempt to catch the eye of big corporations and franchise owners, batters started to showcase their explosiveness, in the IPL as well as other domestic leagues. 

Falling like dominoes, T20 cricket, especially IPL became batting-centric. Players now walked in fearlessly, with an approach so aggressive and so powerful, Indian cricket was bound to be revolutionise.

Money matters 

The illustrious league has made millionaires out of young cricketers. With its humungous success and viewership roped in an incredible amount of money. 

The recent viewership rights tussle resulted in BCCI bagging a whopping INR 23,575 crores. The franchise teams receive a part of the sponsorship and television rights money, creating an economy in itself. There is a symbiotic relationship between brands, franchises and the BCCI. The auction itself generates more revenue than the tournament. 

The league has spawned treasures for the Indian board. 

If the IPL hadn't existed it is safe to assume that the BCCI wouldn't be called the 'cash-rich board'. 

The Revolution 

The biggest impact of the IPL has been the manufacturing of domestic leagues around the world. Cricket boards in an attempt to copycat IPL's success have started producing their own franchise leagues. even going to the extent of innovating newer formats. 

In a desperate attempt to duplicate the success, foreign local boards have gone to extreme extents, even inventing newer formats. 

IPL's impact in the sphere has been phenomenal, almost to the point where it's hard to imagine a history without it. 

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