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OC Exclusives: Daren Sammy shines light on how India has changed its aggressive approach in T20 cricket

image-l85sgbysDaren Sammy in the Carribean Premier League

In an OneCricket exclusive interview with Vimal Kumar, Daren Sammy shed light on his thoughts about the aggressive approach in T20 cricket and how teams like India and England have played a hand in changing the West Indies approach. 

Daren Sammy on how India has changed it's approach

"When you have teams capable of hitting boundaries, the chances of them scoring quicker will always be better when you as a team are looking to consolidate and go big at the end. You set yourself back, you consolidate too much. And suppose the batters consolidating get out then you have two new batters coming in and they have to start a brand new innings, so you're always under pressure."

"On the other hand, if you go hard and try to put the bowlers under pressure early on and lose wickets from the middle (order) you are so high above the rate that you can consolidate later - that's how Rohit Sharma and India have changed their approach. And they have the personnel to actually execute it."

"It will be interesting to see how they (India) perform in the World Cup in Australia"

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