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WBBL 2023, Player Analysis | Laura Wolvaardt's Versatile Batting Symphony in the WBBL 2023

image-lpfpzzn2Laur Wolvaardt has been in excellent batting form in the WBBL 2023 (Source: x.com)

Laura Wolvaardt, the stylish opener for the Adelaide Strikers in the 2023 Women's Big Bash League (WBBL), has been in exceptional form during the crucial stages of the tournament. Her recent performances have been instrumental in securing Adelaide Strikers' spot in the finals. In the match against Sydney Thunder Women, Wolvaardt played a match-winning, unbeaten inning of 70 runs, showcasing her class and composure under pressure.

This was followed by another significant contribution of 73 runs off 65 balls against Hobart Hurricanes Women in the last league match. Wolvaardt's ability to anchor the innings and play impactful knocks at pivotal moments has proven invaluable for her team. Despite a relatively subdued start to the tournament, she has accumulated a noteworthy total of 363 runs in 14 matches.

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As the team heads into the finals, Wolvaardt shoulders the responsibility of being a linchpin in the batting order, and her recent exploits with the bat suggest that she is peaking at the right time. Adelaide Strikers Women will be banking on Wolvaardt's skill, temperament, and ability to adapt to various match situations as they aim to clinch the WBBL trophy.

Breaking Down Laura's Performance: Last 5 Games Batting Form Analysis

image-lpfnoo41Analysis of Laura's Last 5 Matches Batting Form by Innings

In Laura Wolvaardt's batting performance in her last 5 matches, we see interesting trends when she bats first versus chasing. When batting first, she's a powerhouse, contributing to 69.4% of the runs, hitting boundaries at a solid rate of 68%, and facing 66% of the balls. This showcases her ability to set the tone and build a foundation for her team.

On the flip side, when chasing, Laura still makes a notable impact, accounting for 30.6% of the runs, with 32% coming from boundaries. Despite facing fewer balls (34%), her efficiency in run-chases is evident. Her adaptability to different situations is highlighted by these figures, demonstrating that she can play a crucial role whether setting a target or chasing one.

This self-analysis by innings, separate from the team's performance, underscores Laura Wolvaardt's versatility and valuable contributions, making her a key asset for the Adelaide Strikers in the Women's Big Bash League. As the team heads into crucial encounters, her ability to excel in various scenarios adds a strategic edge to their campaign.

These numbers suggest that Laura encounters a bit more difficulty when the team is chasing a target. While her contributions are still significant, it might indicate a potential area for improvement or adjustment in her approach during run-chases. This nuanced analysis adds depth to her overall batting profile, offering insights into areas where she might fine-tune her game to further bolster her effectiveness in different match scenarios.


As the Adelaide Strikers Women gear up for the WBBL 2023 final, Laura Wolvaardt's recent batting performances paint a dynamic picture of her contribution to the team. Laura Wolvaardt is a key player for the Adelaide Strikers, bringing versatility to the team's batting. 

Whether she's setting a target or chasing one, her ability to build innings makes her crucial. As the team heads to the final, they'll count on her strength, skill, and clever play in various situations. The hope is clear: Laura Wolvaardt's great performances will guide the Adelaide Strikers to victory in the WBBL 2023 final.