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'We Don't Need To Remind Him…' - CSK CEO Provides Major Update on MS Dhoni's IPL 2024 Return

image-lj6muah5MS Dhoni led CSK to fifth IPL title | Source: Twitter

Chennai Super Kings fans were treated to an immensely relaxing announcement after their team secured their fifth IPL title in the 2023 season, as their beloved ‘Thala Dhoni’, hinted at the prospect of returning for the next season, provided his body allows and he maintains his fitness regime.

Throughout the IPL 2023 season, MS Dhoni exhibited incredible resilience as he played with a partially healed knee, often noticeable as he limped during wicket-keeping and running between the wickets. Following the conclusion of the tournament, he underwent a successful knee surgery. 

Addressing the matter, Kasi Viswanathan, the CEO of Chennai Super Kings, provided an update on Dhoni's recovery following the surgery, stating that he is recovering well. However, there remains plenty of time between now and the next IPL season when Dhoni will make a decision regarding his participation.

Here’s what CSK CEO said:

"Actually, he told us immediately after the final is over, he'll fly to Mumbai, have surgery and go back to Ranchi for rehab. In Mumbai, after Ruturaj's wedding [on June 4], I visited him. It was a courtesy call. He's quite comfortable. He said he'll rest for three weeks and then start his rehab. And like he said, he's not going to play until January-February. We don't need to remind him about all that," Kasi Viswanathan told ESPNcricinfo.

It will be intriguing to see as to when and where Dhoni will resume practice, but it seems unlikely to happen in the near future since he is still under recovery. After bidding farewell to international cricket in August 2020, Dhoni exclusively focuses on the IPL. 

The CSK CEO further went on to state that they will refrain from probing Dhoni about his upcoming plans or when he intends to resume practice. They will maintain the same approach as they have for over a decade, allowing Dhoni to inform them about his plans first, as he has been doing since 2008.

"He knows what to do, how to go about it, so we aren't going to ask him 'what are you going to do, how' etc. He will inform us on his own. Whatever he's doing, he'll call first and inform only Mr N Srinivasan, not anyone else. Factually, he'll be straightforward with him. From him, we'll get the information that this is what he's doing. It's been this way since 2008. That's how it will continue."