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Asia Cup 2023 | PCB New Chairman Rejects Hybrid Model, But Says Will 'Honour the Commitment'

image-lj66dhpwPakistan Cricket Team | Source - Twitter

Zaka Ashraf, likely to be appointed as next chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has rejected the hybrid model for the upcoming 2023 Asia Cup. The model stated that the tournament will be jointly hosted by Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The decision was made in agreement with the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), and several other Asian boards, including the the Pakistan board itself. PCB’s outbound chairman Najam Sethi green-lit the decision, after BCCI had refused to send the Indian team to Pakistan owing to prevailing political tensions between the two countries.

Ashraf wants Pakistan to be sole host for Asia Cup

Zaka Ashraf has expressed his disagreement over the proposed hybrid model for the Asia Cup 2023. He stated that he does not agrees with the ACC’s decision, and would have rejected the proposal when it was first coined by the committee itself. 

During a recent press conference, he said:

"The first point is that I had rejected the hybrid model (for Asia Cup) in the past itself - because I do not agree with it. The board of the Asian Cricket Council had decided that it should be held in Pakistan, then we should host it."

Ashraf may well become PCB’s next chairman, as he is currently one of the two nominees for the position, to be handpicked only by Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

If the cricket administrator remains adamant with his stance over Asia Cup’s hybrid model, the tournament might well be organised without Pakistan.

While speaking with the PTI, a senior ACC member said:

"The Asia Cup model has been accepted by ACC and there would be no change. Ashraf is free to say whatever he wants."

However, hours later making a cracking statement, the soon-to-be PCB Chief re-stated himself by saying the old regime should have negotiated better, and they will now 'honour the commitment'.

"Being a host, Pakistan should have negotiated better to make sure that the entire tournament should have played in Pakistan. Sri Lanka taking the bigger lot of games, leaving Pakistan with only four games, isn't in the best interest of our country," Ashraf told ESPNcricinfo. 

"But I see the decision has been made, so we have to go with it. I will not block or have any intention not to comply with the decision. I cannot do much about it but to honour the commitment. But going forward, every decision we make will be made for and in the interest of the country."

Moreover, the Pakistan board has been repeatedly demanding for World Cup 2023 venue flexibility in ‘Men in Green’ matches.