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'Was Afraid To Face Him,' Admits Gautam Gambhir Amidst Tensions With Sreesanth

image-lq0v6uu8S Sreesanth & Gautam Gambhir have been at loggerheads 

In a development that stirred the world of cricket, a controversial incident during a Legends League Cricket (LLC) match grabbed a lot of headlines.

Gambhir takes subtle dig at Sreesanth in 'wrong answers only' session

Former Indian cricket teammates S. Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir, once celebrated for their on-field camaraderie, found themselves in a surprising confrontation. This controversy has now taken another unusual turn during a 'wrong answers only' session hosted by Sportskeeda.

Gambhir, known for his stoic demeanour and formidable presence as an opening batsman, was posed with a question that required a playful response: to name a bowler he was afraid of facing. With a wry smile, Gambhir responded by naming Sreesanth. This response, seemingly innocent and humorous, carried a deeper undercurrent given the recent events.

The background of this seemingly casual exchange is a series of intense allegations and social media exchanges between the two cricketers. Sreesanth accused Gambhir of calling himself a 'fixer' during their LLC match, a charge that Gambhir has not directly addressed.

Instead, Gambhir's subtle reaction came through a cryptic Instagram post with the caption: "Smile when the world is all about attention!" This post, though ambiguous, was perceived by Sreesanth as a direct dig at him.

Sreesanth, not one to hold back, expressed his disappointment and confusion over Gambhir's conduct in a lengthy comment on the Instagram post. He questioned Gambhir's attitude towards fellow cricketers and umpires, accusing him of arrogance and disrespect. Sreesanth's emotional outburst on social media reportedly led to the Legends League Cricket commissioner issuing him a notice.

This unfolding drama between two former cricket stars, who once shared the glory of representing India on the international stage doesn't seem to end anytime soon. The ‘wrong answers only’ session has now inadvertently become a catalyst for a deeper revelation of unresolved tensions and personal grievances between Sreesanth and Gambhir.