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Vaibhav Tripathi ∙ Jun 6 2023, 9:30 PM | 2 Min Read

'Don’t Get Too Excited,' Wasim Akram Shares Piece of Advice for Indian Pacers Ahead of the WTC Final

image-lik5kc5hIndian players celebrating (AP Photo)

Former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram has expressed his belief that Indian pacers should exercise caution with the new ball and maintain consistency in their line and length to trouble the Australian batters in the upcoming World Test Championship (WTC) final, which commences on Wednesday at London's Kennington Oval.

Mohammad Shami is expected to lead the Indian fast bowling attack, supported by the in-form Mohammed Siraj. Alongside them, Umesh Yadav is likely to feature, while the decision between Shardul Thakur as an all-rounder or Ravichandran Ashwin as the secondary spinner adds intrigue to India's team composition.

During an interview with the ICC, Akram, who accumulated over 900 wickets in his illustrious international career, advised the Indian pacers to exercise patience with the new ball against the Australian batters.

"These guys are experienced, and they shouldn’t get carried away (with the new ball). We all know it swings for 10 to 15 overs, so don’t give away extra runs in the first 10 to 15 overs as a fast bowler. (Early on) don’t get too excited if there is a bit of bounce as that is what the Australians want," Wasim Akram told ICC.

Drawing from his vast experience, Akram noted that the Oval pitch generally favors teams from the sub-continent. However, he highlighted the unique opportunity presented by the June timing of the WTC Final. 

"This pitch normally favours teams from the sub-continent, but whenever we toured here… it was always at the end of August or the start of September. This one is in June, the square is different, fresh square, and the ball is different altogether as a Dukes," added Akram.

The cricketing world eagerly awaits the clash between the top-ranked Indian team and second-placed Australia in the WTC final. The match at The Oval, marking the culmination of the 2021-2023 WTC cycle, promises to be a thrilling encounter filled with intensity and skill.